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Reject da Illest – I Don’t Fit In






Reject da Illest – I Don’t Fit In


Reject Da Illest, a.k.a Cedric Lee McClain Jr. is a Rapper, Poet, Author, Designer, and Songwriter born May 24, 1990 on the Westside of Chicago, IL. He was raised in a single parent household due to the tragic murder of his father in 1991. He relocated to the Southside of Milwaukee, WI in 2003. During his time growing up, the talent faced quite a few challenges with: school, the law, his personal life, and the list goes on. He didn’t allow that to deter him from progressing though. In his late teens, he employed poetry and rapping to get him through the rough times. This form of venting eventually transitioned into the pursuit of a career in music. Rebel2Religion Music and Track Banditz Entertainment became the brands for Reject’s musical endeavors. Track Banditz includes a sprinkling of artists with two in-house producers and Rebel2Religion Music is The label in which Reject founded and is the C.E.O of.The Mid-West artist has also released a handful of mixtapes and rocked various stages throughout select cities in the United States. Being driven by the influence of artists such as: Boosie Badazz, Biggie, and DMX (just to name a few). The multi-faceted artist serves as a prime example of the result of persevering in spite of one’s hardships. In 2016 he founded Rebel2Religion and in 2018 published his first book titled ‘Thoughts of a Lost Mind’, a big hit for his core fan base. His dedication and versatile skill set are certain to keep him as a staple in the music game for many years to come.



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