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Debut EP “Times Are Tough” by HYV






Debut EP “Times Are Tough” by HYV



LJ Tyson and Zachary Kerr are HYV. The Canadian duo formed HYV after many years of playing in various punk and indie rock groups together. HYV is blend of pop, rock, and dance music. Times Are Tough is the name of the debut EP by HYV. The EP is written about living in modern society and adapting to a new world. Mental health, LGBT rights, and dysfunctional relationships are a few themes explored on the EP.




The EP opens with the pop/punk inspired Hesitation. Bridging the gap between pop/punk and dance music, Hesitation centers on a theme of fear and uncertainty. LJ Tyson wrote Hesitation after having his jaw broken in a random attack walking home one night.




Dreamcatcher is the second track on the EP. The heavy synths and percussion on this track make it the perfect club song. Lyrically, the song is about dysfunctional relationships and the writers comfort in them. The lyric “Lions, Tigers, Bears,” is an ode to the Wizard Of Oz.




Sitting right in the middle of the EP is Voices in My Head. By far the “prettiest” track on the EP but with the heaviest and most personal meanings. Mental health is a very close and personal subject to the members in HYV. Voices in My Head is an apology and explanation to the family and friends of the writer.




The EP takes on a political theme in Taste with references to LGBT rights and acceptance. Taste is a driving pop dance song comparable to early Lady Gaga music, and like Lady Gaga, HYV believes everyone should be treated equal and fair.




Wrapping up the EP is Former Lovers. Originally a folk song written by LJ Tyson, Former Lovers tells the story of an individual who has no desire to settle down with a partner after being burned too many times. Former Lovers was the first song recorded for the EP and set the tone for the entire project.




With the release of Times Are Tough, HYV aims to connect with new audiences and fans across not only the web but in clubs, venues, and bars across the world.






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