Dr Wippit


Dr Wippit

Dr Wippit



Dr Wippit



Dr Wippit came on to the Chicago music scene as a guitarist/vocalist for punk/metal band Chronic Jaywalker from ‘91-’96. More Fugazi than Pantera, Chronic Jaywalker set themselves apart from the local metal scene, receiving airplay on local college stations as well as Q101 Chicago’s alternative station. Like many bands with multiple songwriters, it was only a matter of time before the band separated over musical differences.


In the late 90s Dr Wippit played guitar for psychedelic rap/rock experiment Nova Brain, while recording his own compositions on an eight track analog and putting out a limited release Dr Wippit’s 1st Time Out. Next up as punk rock band Stalemate’s lead singer/guitarist Dr Wippit played shows all over the midwest, including a show as far out as Santa Fe with Rise Against and Lawrence Arms.


Dr Wippit and Stalemate drummer Ben Gold started a new band in 2002 with the intent of taking the heavy punk sound and combining it with ska, hip/hop and reggae – thus The Kenilworth Project was born. They played Chicago venues like The Double Door and The Note, and also took their act on the road getting airplay and interviewed on college radio as far out as Ohio. Drummer Ben Gold decided he wanted to try opening his own place in Mexico and The Kenilworth Project was put on hold indefinitely.


Dr Wippit has been keeping his chops in shape playing lead guitar and singing in local cover band Tastes Like Chicken, while continuing to write and record using the best of today’s digital technology.




















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