Lee Michael Walton



Lee Michael Walton


Discuss your existence.

I am a composer/singer/pianist and my work is a fusion of various genres including contemporary classical, world, ambient and pop/rock. My songs are often introspective, drawing on inspiration from spirituality, dynamics in relationships, particularly influenced by my training as a psychotherapist and my life experiences including revolutionary, groundbreaking treatment to remove and reconstruct the entire roof of my mouth. My subsequent breakdown was a transformational experience and my ability to improvise spontaneously was highly augmented following my recovery. This instrumental will be on my forthcoming concept album The Journey Home, which tells this story and celebrates the strength of the human spirit and our relationships with each other, and the potential for healing and transformation. This track expresses the time leading right up to my breakdown. The vulnerability captured by the violin and the separation between the violin and the piano at the very end expresses the fragmentation that I experienced. This track was recorded on the beautiful Fazioli grand piano at Fieldgate Studios, Cardiff, UK.








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