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ZIALAND – Landslide








ZIALAND – Landslide






New album out 08.06.18


​​Following the well-received singles ‘Landslide’ and ‘Shelter’, the latter of which received airplay on respected acoustic/singer-songwriter shows on the likes of BBC Scotland, BBC Ulster, SOHO Radio, Resonance FM and Juice (Brighton), the Norwegian artist ZIALAND is now ready to release her new album ‘Unbridled & Ablaze’ on June 8th.



​​Zialand describes her most recent single ‘Running Cold’ as “a song about a friend of mine and the deeply painful relationship she experienced with her alcoholic dad. Her pain was a complicated tapestry woven over time, ​​blended together by watching him distance himself from the people closest to him and her profound love for him and the need for a dad. But her needs were never met because he always chose the bottle. She was the one who found him, barely conscious as he was slipping into a coma. Blood on the floor, on the walls and in the bed. She was the one who cleaned it all up, stayed by his hospital bed and was there as he fought the inevitable. His death wasn’t pretty. I wanted to honour her and pour some love onto all that pain by writing her this song, bringing a kind of witnessing and a reckoning to it.”



​​​​Other highlights on the album include ‘Fever’ (“about living in exile and as a refugee, the vulnerability and precariousness of life in that existence, not knowing what comes next”), the aching ballad.



‘Don’t Look Down’ (“about a good man losing his partner to illness and his way of loving her is by showing up and being there in all the ways he can”).


The powerful ’Shelter’ (“a love letter to my daughter”).



And the intense torch song ‘Cleaved’ ​​(“longing for your soulmate, the one you know is out there but not the ‘where’ or ‘how’ or ‘when’ you will meet”).



​​Zialand calls her music Cinematic Soul Pop and thinks of the album as being about “‘in-between’ moments, when something is ending and something new beginning. That moment where you finally give way to the transmutation. For anything to move and transcend, something else needs to die or be let go of. To me, these moments are imbued with both the deepest of grief as well as a most delicate beatitude and rapture. I think I’ve always been on the hunt for these moments because they are so elusive.”



​​ZIALAND (aka Zia Meyer) was born in Norway but spent her early years on the large Arctic island of Greenland before her family relocated to Oslo. Having joined a gospel choir at the age of 14, she ​​also took piano lessons before moving to L.A. in her late teens where she worked with jazz composer/musicians Marcus Miller and Chris Botti, plus bassist Kristian Dunn (of El Ten Eleven).



She released a debut album in 2000 entitled ‘Same Girl Once’, songs from which gained airplay on key local station KCRW and were also placed in TV shows.



​​However, her burgeoning career as a piano based singer-songwriter stalled in 2002 when she left L.A. and ended up in Australia for the next decade. There were hard and heavy reasons for leaving the hotbed of L.A. and slipping into the shadows, but it also provided an opportunity to spend plenty of time making music and learning the art of mixing. It became her anchor, “the only thing I could hold on to at times,” Zialand reflects.



​​Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen and guitarist Erlend Saeverud contributed to the second Zialand album, ‘The Light Below’ (2014), giving the highly personal jazz tinged record an atmospheric, filmic backdrop. Recorded primarily in Australia but completed and released upon moving back to Oslo, it pointed the way forward. She also met the British producer/ musician John Fryer (Nine Inch Nails, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode) at this time collaborating on two songs by his electronic solo project Black Needle Noise. She then worked with composer/producer David Sardy, singing on the soundtrack for the urban fantasy thriller movie ‘Bright’ (starring Will Smith and Noomi Rapace), which ​​was released in late 2017.



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