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Mark Houston

Mark Houston
Mark Houston


Mark Houston



Mark Houston was born in the Mohave Desert. During his elementary school years, Mark and his parents realized he had a talent for guitar and drums and he even had his first three piece garage band in the fifth grade. Having played in the junior high and high school band, Mark graduated in San Antonio Texas, and joined the United States Air Force for four years. Finished working his Air Force duties each day, the young sergeant went into the local towns and shared his vocals and guitar with the local bar room nightlife.



A highlight of his military years was to play with a 15 piece USO show which toured all of the Far East. With his honorable discharge in hand, Mark Houston hit the road for Texas and began his civilian music life which has continued until his current retirement in Fresno, Texas, in a little home he built, on a piece of land he owns. Joining forces with his friend Eric Cachia, the two launched Mark’s music on the internet through various platforms.



Nicknamed the Birdman, his writing spans several genres and is always of a wholesome nature, one way or another, whether it’s funny, sad, thought-provoking, or spiritually motivational. If you listen to his music on CD Baby, you’ll see for yourself why Mark is a pillar of Houston history, as well as a successful, life-long balladeer.








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