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G-Quinn – The Sonrise Mixtape








G-Quinn – The Sonrise Mixtape


While still in his mother’s womb, his mother was in a major car accident, but they survived. G-Quinn aka Garrett Quinton Braaf was born in Manhattan, New York, March 22, 1987 a month and a half premature, with the umbilical cord around his neck but again survived. At age 3, Garrett was at a living room window in Brooklyn and just as he moved away from the window, a bullet came through. Over time, the decision was made to move to Sunrise, Florida. “G” received some musical influence from his Caribbean roots. Garrett’s family is from Suriname, South America which allowed him to be less restricted in his view of the world and the many cultures in it. While living in Ft. Lauderdale he was heavily involved in Church youth groups and Church Activities, Garrett was a Crucifer at Christ the King Lutheran Church (the one who carries the cross and all others follow at the beginning of the service in a Lutheran Church). He started listening to more secular hip-hop before he began writing on his own, Proud of his skill; his father challenged him to write positive lyrics. Later, Garrett was introduced to Gospel Hip Hop at a Christian youth conference in Miami called Acquire the Fire. When he discovered that there was a music genre out there that had the same exact flavor and hype as secular hip hop but without the explicit language, he was blown away. “G” started listening to Tunnel Ratz, Souljahz, and Cross Movement to name a few before realizing his call. He started off in the musical trio named G.T.S. which stood for 3 things: their real names which were Garrett, Terrence, and Steven, it stood for their stage names G-Quinn, Theomatic, and Souldier, and it stood for them as a group GREATEST TESTIMONY SPOKEN.



Later, with no hard feelings, G-Quinn went further and started his pursuit as a solo artist. G-Quinn entered Gospel Star Search Live where he won 2nd place in the youth category. He was not happy, and felt he did not do his best, but his parents told him that God had a plan, and to be patient. “G” then met Prodigal Son at a performance hosted by Gospel Star Search Live in which he was a guest artist. G-Quinn gave Prodigal Son a CD to review, but before he met him again Garrett was in a SEVERE accident which should have taken his life, but again he survived with just elbow surgery. G-Quinn was more convinced than ever God had a purpose for him. Since then, G-Quinn has been mentored by Prodigal Son and has produced two tracks on his CD “Welcome to HOLYwood” As well as edited his music videos for “Power in Da Name of Jesus”, & “Lemme Hear Ya.”



He was then taken under the spiritual guidance of Chico Xpress & Realize of the husband & wife ministry called”M.O.T.C.” (Messengers Of The Christ) “G” has shared the stage with Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Mr. Del, Sean Slaughter, G-Stylez, Rey King, Da T.R.U.T.H., Canton Jones, G-Notes, Dre Marshall, Justin-Credible and was one of the opening acts for T- Bone (who starred in Fighting Temptations).




Most recently, G-Quinn was a recipient of a Holy Hip Hop Award in 2011, at the Holy Hip Hop Awards on the same day as fellow artists Sho Baraka and Mali Music in Atlanta Georgia.













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