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June 14, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

XaviourX – Abundance Manifesto


A family trio comprising of Dad:

Xaviourx Xeno who is the spirit elemental and visionary of the show.




Singer/Songwriter/Didgeridoo Player/Guitarist and conceptual producer of the show for a long time he has played as a solo artist…However as his children become more talented with age they become part of the shows context.




Joining the stage show is son:

Dek X who at age 9 delivers a fun, energetic part of the show with his drum filled talents… Not to mention his contortionism and street dancing and acrobatics, creating a spark to liven things up.




Next is the youngest member of the show is daughter:

Miss.T. Majik who is 8 years old and plays the keyboard/Synth/Piano and sings and dances as well.


She creates little ballet pieces to all the slow dances and helps choreograph most of the shows antics.












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