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Mark Rogers – Imagining




Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers



Mark Rogers – Imagining



Mark Rogers is a BMI-published singer/songwriter with unique pop sensibilities.  His musical heritage, dating back to high school, is what is now considered pure Americana.  After college, Mark followed the chime of McGuinn’s 12-string in search of Zevon’s Los Angeles. In the 80’s, he headed a Cosmic American band in L.A. and played some of the loneliest clubs in Hollywood. An experience that contributed to his decision to spend the 90’s and 00’s raising a family in Washington, DC. In 2010, a number of factors conspired resulting in the modern proliferation of his songwriting, not the least of which was reconnecting with “the one who got away” a long time ago.  Life’s funny that way.


In 2017, Mark released his first solo EP entitled “Rearranged” that has received wonderful reviews in “No Depression” and other prominent music blogs and publications.  In June 2018, he’ll release his follow-up EP entitled “Qualifiers” representing his very best work to date.  His music reestablishes the boundaries of Americana with a healthy dose of Pop, Folk/Rock, and some cool Bossa rhythm, just to keep things in order. Mark resides in eastern Virginia and tours with a 5-piece band.










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