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Taurée – Devil








Taurée – Devil


“Devil is about being loved by someone you really don’t deserve. The central character is purposely over-the-top in less than idea personal traits, which raises the question, ‘How could you love someone with so many flaws.’ The line, ‘Blood drip inking, you sell your soul for me…’ implies making a deal with the Devil himself! The song is punctuated by a climatic guitar solo by Producer, John Van Ness, which really drives its intensity to another level.”

– Taurée



“Taurée is dope!” That’s the initial fan response after hearing him for the first time as a featured artist on 2017’s The Great Escape (John Van Ness/My Own Little World Records). Taurée, (born May 11th, 1994) is a singer/songwriter originally from Long Island, New York but now residing in New Jersey.  While technically considered a tenor, Taurée possesses a unique voice that has no boundaries – a vocal Swiss army knife.


Descent, Taurée’s first album with MOLWR, will be released in June of 2018. While he has recorded and released projects on his own, he considers Descent to be his official debut. “Descent is the first legitimate representation of my music,” explained Taurée.  “This project is a completely different approach for me. Working with a producer has been eye an opening experience.  Having a team makes the work far less stressful and more successful.  It’s great to have another person in the mix to bounce ideas off.”


Taurée describes Descent as being about “a boy maturing – losing innocence inevitably through life experiences and transforming into something far different than” said Taurée. “The songs are very personal and real so I think listeners will relate to my experiences and these songs.”



Inspired by the soulful stylings of artists like Prince, R. Kelly, Alicia Keys and Maxwell, Taurée discovered his musical talents at an early age.  “I realized I could sing in kindergarten when I Believe I can Fly came out.  It’s something I continue to work on though”





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