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George Five – Back On It



George Five - Back On It
George Five – Back On It



George Five – Back On It



Back with his brand new single, Catalonian singer-songwriter George Five has announced the official release of his latest offering ‘Back On It’; a chicly uplifting pop track exploring the acumen of romantic connection.



After the success of his previous single ‘Portrait’, released earlier this year, George Five has arrived back on the scene just in time for the summer with his new single ‘Back On It’.



George Five is a London based singer-songwriter and a bass player. Centring his life notably around the guitar, piano, and bass, George’s collection of soulful pop music represents as a truly honest and heartfelt illustration of musicianship. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, George Five is back with a fresh new hit single, ready to share with the world.



With a unique and professional sound, George Five uses his music to channel what he has to say about life and the world around him. His groovy combination of folk-pop expresses a polished, yet relaxed tone with a personal perspective.
















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