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July 16, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

Michael Burrows- Please Don’t Cry



Michael Burrows- Please Don't Cry
Michael Burrows- Please Don’t Cry




Michael Burrows- Please Don’t Cry




Michael Burrows has the quintessential mix of classic and contemporary that Australia’s Country music scene has to offer.



The brand new single ‘Please Don’t Cry’, taken from his debut EP ‘Turn This Love Around’ has encountered many incarnations including a yet to be released version with Neil Finn from Crowded House on vocals.



With his fusion of Country, Folk, Americana and Rock styles and having worked with some of music’s royalty over the recent period, Burrows has delivered a track resulting in an amalgamation of creativity, hard work and honesty leaving you with a taste of things to come.



Burrows worked on this EP with GRAMMY- award winning, Hall of Famer, Country artist Frank Myers (I Swear), producer Jimmy Nichols, and audio engineer, and also GRAMMY- award winner, Steve Marcantonio.




Based in Melbourne, Australia, where he produces film, music and radio scores, Burrows never strays too far from his musical surroundings, also writing jingles and sonic branding for many well-known Australian brands during the week.



Martha Wainwright also personally selected Burrows to open for her recent concert tour, lifting Burrows into the forefront of the Australian industry.




Michael Burrows- Please Don’t Cry


















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