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July 21, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

 Azusena – In The Water



Azusena - In The Water
Azusena – In The Water



Azusena – In The Water


“‘In the water’ is about finding harmony in the wrong situation and moving forward” Azusena says.



The single showcases Azusena’s unique brand of bewitching alternative pop, with its layered soundscape of catchy hooks and offbeat synths, which is mimicked in turn by the stunning new video.



Taken as a body of work, ‘Ether’ – which is the fifth element of space – explores the harmonies and contradictions in the human condition. Each of the four tracks takes a different element as its starting point, and explains how they all work together to provide balance.



Azusena’s eclectic background – with spells in cultural counterpoints, Merseyside and California – has informed her bewitching take on pop; as well as reinforce the yin and yang philosophy which remains at the core of her music. ‘In The Water’ is only her fifth single to date, yet already marks out the 24 year-old as one to watch.









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