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Howtospellmark – The Gold EP

Howtospellmark – The Gold EP

Howtospellmark – The Gold EP


For 18+ years Howtospellmark has been performing in the public and dancing on the subways of NYC.




“I’ve danced professional and still sing and dance professionally, but the realness, raw and organic spirit you get from beautiful people on the streets remind me every day I have a purpose in life. I’ve come to Hawaii from NYC to await the proper opportunities and next step of my career…

–  Howtospellmark



To describe the talented Howtospellmark with one word think “love”. Kathy Jordan Sharpton, producer of “Amateur night at the Apollo Theatre” compares him to James Brown, whom she was on the road with for over 10 years. Howtospellmark caters to and is “loved” by all audiences due to the love that emanates from his performances. Accepted as a songwriter by Joel Feinberg, owner of the U.K. DewolfMusic Company, for his song, “ No Luv” Howtospellmark’s talent only continues to soar. “Take me higher” and other songs written by Howtospellmark have been quoted to be two hits, ready to pop by Studio G Owner Tony, whose also was a member of Pere Ubu 1980s.


BGM records perceives Howtospellmark as an artist to bid on and afford Howtospellmark a fortune for his song “I wish it was true” which he turned down. His songwriting skills have also gained recognition from records labels all over the world. He has performed extensively at The Apollo Theater, The Black Nutcracker with Company Uptown Dance Recital, The Michael Jackson Tribute Tour, Hostos College Arts Theatre, Queens College Theatre and many more campuses in the tri-state area.


Howtospellmark studied with the great Albert Rose a world renowned classical singer. Around that time he opened the off Broadway play “What It Is” by Bryonn Bain Brooklyn’s own hip hop theater innovator.


As a dancer, Howtospellmark trained at Alvin Ailey and was awarded a scholarship for the Dance Theater of Harlem where he studied with Mr. Arthur Mitchell.  Recently he’s garnered fans from a viral video which has enjoyed over 3.7 million views and counting. An entrepreneur since the age of 6, his professionalism strikes him to be a youngster and ahead of his time.


MUSIC: Influences include Sammy Davis Jr, John Legend, Janelle Monae, & Raphael Saadiq.




Howtospellmark - The Gold EP
Howtospellmark – The Gold EP

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