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Alien Guitar Abduction – My Beliefs

Alien Guitar Abduction – My Beliefs



Alien Guitar Abduction - My Beliefs
Alien Guitar Abduction – My Beliefs




Alien Guitar Abduction – My Beliefs



My Beliefs



A song about losing one’s beliefs. Not only beliefs that you felt were positive, but negative beliefs about yourself or others than also hold you back or keep you from personal achievement. This song was a big team effort, and I need to thank Chris Hodges for once again delivering a powerful vocal performance, Nate Barnes for some huge drums that really make the song in my opinion; Jarrod Headley from Clear Sound/North Park Studios for a terrific mix, I learned a ton sitting in on the session; and Clint Wagoner for the finishing mastering touches. Big thanks to freerunner/parkour athlete Dante Grazioli for the video stunts. As always, watch as big a possible with good speakers or headphones! And get rid of your negative beliefs.



Have aliens abducted Stan Rose’s guitar, or is his guitar the abductor?

Rose isn’t sure, although the strangeness of his musical tastes suggest the former. The only thing certain, as verified by Google, is that there is only one Alien Guitar Abduction!



Rose’s main instrument is guitar, which he obsessed with while growing up on Long Island in the 1980’s. His original plan was to be the world’s fastest guitar god, so he took lessons from Dream Theatre’s John Pettrucci, prior to Petrucci’s rise to legendary status. But then he also immersed himself in everything guitar music was at the time, by taking master classes with fingerstyle legend Martin Simpson and blues artist Robben Ford, and taking classical guitar lessons while in college. This obsession with guitar music led to a greater appreciation of all genres and type of music. It led to Rose’s basic musical philosophy – that there are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ styles of music–just good and not-so-good music.  And so, Alien Guitar Abduction is a rejection of the industry demand that musical style must be pigeon-holed into one or more pre-existing styles or genres.



Rose played with a number of bands, and released 5 albums of mostly instrumental guitar, with a heavy influence from technical players like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. While most of Rose’s music has wandered towards eclectic psychedelic rock and dream pop, his metal side comes out in periodic fits of madness. His latest release, “My Beliefs” is a compilation of songs about insanity, desperation, grief, resilience, survival, and redemption. It is a collaboration with some of the best session musicians from around the world, including Chris Clancy (Wearing Scars, Mutinny Within), Jei Doublerice, and Jason Bittner (Anthrax,Shadows Fall).  A heavy journey into a world of dreams, madness and recovery.



As with previous albums, every song has an accompanying music video that synthesizes the visual and musical aspects of the song.




Environmental destruction, angry love songs, music industry diatribes, lonely road trips, rants against the man, and just general angst – these are the themes of Alien Guitar Abduction’s latest release, “My Beliefs”. Led by master guitarist Stan Rose, a former student of John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Desperate Times is old school metal with a modern twist, much of the angst in the album is directed at frontman Stan Rose’s now wife, who eventually decided marriage was his only hope to cure him of his insanity. “My Beliefs” features session work from some of the world’s best musicians, including singers Chandler Mogel (Outloud) and Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within, Wearing Scars) and drummers Nate Barnes and Jason Bittner (Anthrax, Shadow’s Fall).





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