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Mec Rezarek – Unconditional

Mec Rezarek – Unconditional

Mec Rezarek - Unconditional
Mec Rezarek – Unconditional







Mec Rezarek – Unconditional



Montreal born, then moved to Queens NYC by age of 5. Being a 1st Generation Canadian with both parents born in Haiti. Returning back to Canada he brought back with him diverse experience, insight into political and social issues that is expressed through his music. Rezarek’s in-depth understanding of global issues surrounding him has fueled his ambition to communicate musically. He views music as an international language. Rezarek specialized in hip hop, thus, he developed a unique style of musical rhythm by incorporating his traditional Caribbean soul with the modern hip hop era. As a result Rezarek introduced hip hop listeners to an assembly of lyrical master pieces. In essence Rezarek’s musical goal is to continue to inspire individuals from all forum of life to never abandon hope. “To Rezarek one’s mind”




Getting my piece from the Northeast


Passionate Canadian artist Mec Rezarek releases single 


“Unconditional” Released June 24, 2018 by Mec Rezarek Ft Tone Jonez. It’s a soulful positive hip hop vibe. With a wondering blend of soul that gem can be found on all major music network ITunes, Spotify, etc…


A first generation Canadian Caribbean, Mec spent his adolescent years in Queens NYC. Upon returning to Canada, his melody and passion for music brought him through various appearances including Carivibe 2017, Jam Day and Haitian en Fete. This led him in a direction of perseverance.


Mec Rezarek new single is gaining traction. The instrumental created by Tone Jonez is inspirational and the lyrics itself has substance.









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