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Graeme Connors – One Life

Graeme Connors – One Life


Graeme Connors - One Life
Graeme Connors – One Life








‘from the backcountry’






Graeme Connors – One Life



Country music great, Graeme Connors, releases his new album, from the backcountry, his first set of new songs in seven years. The album is released through ABC Music with Graeme touring to support the album.



In an industry that moves quicker than a Top End tide, seven years between albums can seem like a life-time. Yet so it is for Graeme Connors as he returns with from the backcountry, his first full new studio album since 2011’s ‘At the Speed of Life’. That’s not to say Graeme hasn’t kept busy during this time. He has had a swag of releases including a tribute album to some of his favourite Australian songwriters (‘Kindred Spirit’ – 2013), a reissue of his platinum-plus selling breakthrough album (‘North: 25 Years On’ – 2014), a live concert DVD (‘Concert to Camera’ – 2015) and a top-selling ‘best of’ album in celebration of his 40-year career in music (‘60 Summers’ – 2016). While these releases are significant in their own right; there is a journey that takes place with the creation of a new album which sets it apart for both artist and audience.



Recorded with renowned producer Matt Fell, from the backcountry is a journal of Graeme’s explorations over the past seven years.  The first single ‘One Life’, is a reminder to young and old to make the most of their journey, and has Graeme turning wisdom gained from experience into a four-minute masterpiece, once again reinforcing his position as one of Australia’s finest songwriters.



Other journeys on the album are in a physical sense, resulting in tracks such as ‘Kimberly Frontier’, born of a trip to the home of Alan Pigram of the Pigram Brothers in Broome, ‘South Africa’ which tells of the eye-opening celebrations and confrontations from his first visit to Capetown, and ‘Ghost Towns’ examining the slow death of many regional Australian centres as a result of the well-intentioned water buy-back scheme to protect the Murray/Darling.



Further tracks depict journeys witnessed through the eyes of others, such as ‘My American Friends’ commenting on the side effects of the constant news and social media bombardment caused by the political climate in the U.S., sending waves around the world on a daily basis. The album also features classic Graeme Connors stories, conjured from the years of travel and conversations with friends and strangers. ‘Black Mountain’, a location in Far North Queensland, is one of Graeme’s most cinematic stories yet, with its menacing imagery and raw production.



In Graeme’s words, “I’m still amazed and excited to find, with all my years of travel and experience, there are places from the backcountry, both in the physical landscape and my subconscious world, that inspire me to write – to capture life in all its mystery and wonder.”


With a career spanning over 40 years, 17 albums and countless accolades, Graeme has acquired that rare ability to simplify complex ideas, reflect on serious issues with a smile, and combine philosophy and humour with his own unique voice.



Following the recent release of his entire catalogue for the first time ever with streaming partners, Graeme will continue a busy 2018 with a tour kicking off in his home town of Mackay. The shows will continue down the East Coast of Australia through to November, with more dates being announced later in the year for 2019.



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