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Emma G – Superhero

Emma G – Superhero




Emma G – Superhero
Emma G – Superhero




Emma G – Superhero


Out now!


The third studio single from a powerful new talent, SUPERHERO is a straight-to-the-heart, raw and honest helping of acoustic rock from international singer/songwriter Emma G. Challenging the United States of America – and the world – to be their own kind of SUPERHERO, Emma G’s newest single encourages audiences everywhere to choose love, compassion, and humanity, over racism, bigotry and conflict.


Recorded by Baltimore-based producer Flightboy Music, SUPERHERO was written in Montrose, Colorado after an emotional conversation with her tattoo artist about the country’s political climate and increased racial conflict.


It’s an empowering track that has both inspired audiences around the country, as well as sparked conversations through its uncompromising and in-your-face lyrics, yet also head-noddingly accessible and radio friendly sound.


“When the angels open their eyes, how their hearts break to realize all of our mistakes we’ve made: at what price? Where’s our Superhero tonight?” Emma challenges her listeners, hinting that we all can be our own kind of Superhero… if we step up, and fight the good fight.


Available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Bandcamp, and everywhere else you listen to good music., the official music video for SUPERHERO will be released September 29.





Finding her voice as she rediscovers her American heritage from her home base in Washington DC, New Zealand-born singer/songwriter Emma G is a combination of Adele, Pink, Tracy Chapman and Alanis Morrissette. Her edgy tones and gutsy lyrics hammer home her messages of love, vulnerability, empowerment and strength with a soul-pop/rock sound that is engaging, inspiring and appealing to a hugely diverse audience.


Unapologetically outspoken, flying her freak flag, and always smiling, Washingtonian Magazine dubbed Emma G as one of the “Best of DC”. One Love Massive describes her as “charismatic”, and ANR Factory describes her voice as “poignant and beautiful” with “astounding bravery to speak up” on issues that matter to her.


And where did this bravery come from? A long history of health issues, brain surgeries, battles with depression and suicide, drug addiction, and sexual assault, yet still finding the inner strength to come out the other side positively: singing her truth. “Things that happen to us don’t make us who we are, but we all need to overcome struggles. The trick is to overcome them together.” Says Emma G. “My hope is that my music will not only resonate with individual people, but also ignite those flames of love, resilience and community”.


Recent appearances have included the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, Fox5 TV, Dash Radio, and The Kennedy Center. With her career blossoming, and fame surely beckoning, who knows what is around the corner? “Well behaved women seldom make history, so here I am doing what I do best. The best adventures have unknown outcomes”.


Keep up with Emma G on your favorite Social Media Platforms: @EmmaGmusic

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