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French Kiss Gang – Dirty Thoughts

French Kiss Gang – Dirty Thoughts








French Kiss Gang - Dirty Thoughts
French Kiss Gang – Dirty Thoughts





Artist Name: French Kiss Gang


Song Title: Dirty Thoughts


Genre: R&B


Release Date: 10th October 2018










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French Kiss Gang – Dirty Thoughts


F.K.G being the debut EP album of the French Kiss Gang defies traditional genres by taking on electro pop and hip hop bringing the glamorous vocals and original flows to the forefront, F.K.G goes from love to chaos, and speaks to the body and soul.


FKG talks about love, sex, life, dance, relationships and the confusion that comes with them; making it a highly relatable album that speaks to the mind and soul. Songs like God Help Us and Dirty Thoughts bring heavenly vocals and deep beats whereas songs like, Love Yourself or Deja Vu will get you dancing and throwing up the French Kiss Gang sign. Rupture and Louboutin (feat Jay-Ronic) add a sexual note to the affair while songs like French Kiss and Fraiche with their lively beat and electro feel will speak to the club scene. F.K.G is their first album but definitely not their last, French Kiss Gang is the name to look out for!




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