Pattie Lin – Pressure

Pattie Lin – Pressure






Pattie Lin - Pressure

Pattie Lin – Pressure





Pattie Lin – Pressure



Pattie Lin is a singer-songwriter and physical therapist from Maryland, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Her style defies tidy classification, layering smoky overtones of a voice from yesteryear on top of pop, rock, jazz and soul-driven tunes. Many of her songs are about her experiences in healthcare, as she seeks to spread truth and honesty through her music.


At age three, Pattie began banging on the piano, imagining the grandest of concertos until her parents gave in. Although she always dreamt of becoming a singer and found every opportunity to turn school projects into musical projects, she felt the need to pursue a more stable career for her family. Even so, Pattie continued to write and sing through college, always finding ways to interweave her talents and interests.


Pattie has been treating patients across the U.S. as a travel physical therapist for three years and counting. She enjoys connecting with her patients and helping them return to their lives, and they have been equally supportive, encouraging her to return to her first passion.


In January 2018, Pattie released her debut project, Cutoff Time – EP, and has been performing regularly in Los Angeles and San Diego. Shortly after, she directed and edited her first official music video, Pressure which has only increased her thirst to create, collaborate and grow as an artist.




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