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Anna Wolf – Believer

Anna Wolf – Believer







Anna Wolf - Believer
Anna Wolf – Believer





Anna Wolf – Believer



Anna Wolf creates alternative music with lyrics that are layered with a poignancy that she uses to hypnotize audiences on a journey of self-discovery that leave you with the feeling of being heard. Wolf’s debut single BELIEVER delves into her turbulent early life and how she refused to become the victim of her circumstance.


Anna Wolf created the track in a bathtub and sent the recording to a world-renowned producer who cleared his schedule and summoned her to his studio. Some of the noise she made in the tub, made it into Believer’s explosive final mix.



“Now I leave my past behind.” – (Believer – Anna Wolf)


Believer is the debut single from South African chanteuse Anna Wolf.  Believer delves into Wolf’s own turbulent early life and her refusal to become the victim of her circumstance. She wrote Believer inspired by the need to break the silence over domestic violence.


Wolf was born in Pretoria, South Africa to a nurturing mother and a troubled father. Her childhood was often a nomadic existence with her father’s demons forcing the family to leave town at a moment’s notice.


“As a child I hid away a lot, either under beds or in trees. I escaped by using my hands and body to melt and hide into my own skin. I use to listen to music then. Music became my armour, my strength. Soon enough, I realized that it was safe for my skin to come out and breath.” – (Anna Wolf)


In 2018, Anna left South Africa and followed her heart to London, where one night she took her guitar to the bathtub and recorded herself performing a song on her cell-phone by stomping her feet against the tub.


She sent the demo to producer and remixer Pete Boxta Martin, (Missy Elliot, Jessie J, Sugababes) who offered her an artist development deal on the spot and summoned her to the iconic Matrix Recording Studios (Adele, Lana Del Rey).


That week they recorded the track ‘Believer’ and three others that will be released as part of her debut EP in the coming months. Some of the noise Wolf made in the bath even made it into Boxta Martin’s explosive final mix.














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