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November 1, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

Londonbeat & Traumton – I’ve Been Thinking About You (Remake)





Londonbeat & Traumton - I’ve Been Thinking About You (Remake)
Londonbeat & Traumton – I’ve Been Thinking About You (Remake)




Londonbeat & Traumton – I’ve Been Thinking About You (Remake)




The German act Traumton started remixing and producing mainly in a club related House and Deep House style, before they put hands on 2 former international hits: With the remakes of Tina Charles’ world hit ‚I Love to Love‘ from 1976 and David Christies’ smash hit ‚Saddle Up‘ from 1982, they gained international success, achieved several top 10 positions in various charts and over 10 million streamings.


For their new single Traumton teamed up with the British group Londonbeat for a remake of their international hit ‚I’ve Been Thinking About You‘.


Londonbeat was founded in 1988 and had their international breakthrough with ‚I’ve Been Thinking About You in autumn 1990. Earlier the 3 founding members from the US Jimmy Helms, George Chandler and Jimmy Chambers had success independently of each other with different projects, such as frontman of the The Olympic Runners or background singers for Paul Young.


Finally signed to Dave Stewart’s (Eurythmics) Anxious Label, the single peaked at No.1 in 27 countries, including a #1 in the US Billboard Charts, and all over Europe. Beside‚ I’ve Been Thinking About You, Londonbeat also scored a couple of other hits as well and reached several high chart positions, including the US billboard #20 with singles like ‚You Bring on the Sun, A Better Love or Come Back.


For the new version, all vocals for ‚I’ve Been Thinking About You were new recorded at the Premises Studios in London. This year the two founding members Jimmy Helms and Jimmy Chambers separated from their long-time member Myles Kayne and engaged the new member Charles Pierre.


Londonbeat are still playing live all over the world every week, and also performed last year in some of the most important TV shows in Europe.


A remix package with different mixes including an acoustic version will also be released this year.










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