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Leena Ojala – My World


Leena Ojala - My World
Leena Ojala – My World
Leena Ojala – My World
Indie electronica artist Leena Ojala combines dark lyrics with 80s-infused vibes and big melodies to create a sound that’s at once haunting, ethereal, and captivating.
Born in Germany to an English mother and a Finnish father, Leena spent her childhood in Hong Kong and then Essex; a cultural upbringing that would later prove a sublime influence on her artistic persona.
Aged 17, Leena moved to London to immerse herself in music. Inspired by strong female vocalists including Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, London Grammar, and Amy Winehouse, she took her time experimenting with her sound. It was an exciting exploratory phase that laid the foundations for the tracks that would soon follow.
After her time in the capital, Leena relocated to Berlin – a city renowned for its anarchic creativity – where she spent a number of months gathering new influences and traversing the city’s eclectic music scene. On returning to London, she went straight into the studio to hone her own unique sound. Leena’s first offering, the critically acclaimed EP1 released in November 2015, was the spine-tingling result.
Since then, Leena has worked with the likes of D/R/U/G/S, Benbrick, Forte, Saturday/Monday, DJ Sweap, and DJ Doobious releasing more material. Her music has been covered by the likes of The 405, The Fader, Clash Music, Idol Magazine, Atwood Magazine, the Unsigned Guide, and many others.


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