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November 4, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

Ann May – The Dark Side






Ann May - The Dark Side
Ann May – The Dark Side




Ann May – The Dark Side



Ann May grew up among the vast pastures in the north of the Netherlands. She loved nature, space and freedom and was almost always to be found outside. The music she writes comes straight from her heart and is inspired by life itself.


Her debut album ‘Genuine’ is a translation of who she is as a person driven by her passionate music. The first single: “The Dark Side ” draws the duality of the human brain and the possibilities it can create.


The second single “World of Silence” describes our World full of lies, in need of silence to balance it all out.


Her music can best be described as ‘Rockpop’ with personal lyrics and slight Goth and Symphonic influences.


Her live band consists of drums, keys, bass, rhythm and solo guitars.














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