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Nancy Laberge



Nancy Laberge - Holy Moly Christmas
Nancy Laberge – Holy Moly Christmas
Nancy Laberge – Holy Moly Christmas
After spending some time in Nashville, Tennessee as a songwriter, Nancy Laberge soon figured out that if she wanted to survive in the music business she needed something to fall back on and that is when she decided to become a professional chef. This has enabled her to support the dream and continue to write music and sing her songs.
Her journey as a singer-songwriter has certainly been serendipitous; Nancy is a very private person particularly when it comes to her childhood, as it is a time in her life that she has tried to forget. But one day a new friend in the business, Steve Thomson, who is associated with her music activities asked her to write him a letter detailing her life story so he would be better able to support her career. She wrote the letter and told him everything, even the stuff she tried to forget. “I figured I had to put my trust in someone and from all indications Steve seemed like the right person he was very taken by my story”. Over the past year after really getting to know him he is now her manager, handling many areas of her artistic career. “In my letter, I mentioned that I was very sick when I was a child but through the help of the Shriners I was afforded an operation which saved my life. This really struck a chord with Steve and he asked me if he could get more information on this period of my life. So I checked through some old boxes and forwarded him some clippings and he immediately came back to me saying ‘your story has to be told’!
As it happens Nancy composed a song entitled “Holy Moly Christmas”. Nancy’s Publisher Billy Meshel, with who Steve shares a long time association, sent the song to him saying “This song is a smash hit!” Steve saw the connection with Nancy’s childhood “I have never used this private and much appreciated support that I received from the Shriners as a vehicle to help my career until now as it was pointed out that I owed the Shriners not just a lot but my life and this is how my renewed association with the Shriners evolved”.
Steve spoke with Shriner’s in Toronto and they were touched, and put him in contact with the appropriate people at their head office…
As a songwriter Nancy is always working on perfecting her songwriting skills, believing that the best way to do this is through collaboration. This is evident with many of the songs on Nancy’s new CD release Write From The Heart where she has teamed up with fellow songwriters Troy Kokol, Patti Jo Lennox, Joni Delaurier, and her friend Amy Bishop, who incidentally was Nancy’s co-writer on her first International release “Holy Moly Christmas”. A strongly motivated songwriter Nancy is hungry to learn and to also share her own writing skills with other songwriters. She is the founding member of The Songsmiths, a Calgary songwriting group designed to give local songwriters a forum to collaborate on songwriting and share their musical experiences. Nancy also regularly attends songwriting workshops…

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