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Sandhja – Sing It Away

Sandhja – Sing It Away






Sandhja - Sing It Away
Sandhja – Sing It Away




Sandhja – Sing It Away




Sandhja is a half Finnish, half Indian woman – a mix of the north and east. She composes and writes her lyrics. She wants to be free to say what she truly feels and hopes to arouse emotions in her listeners.


Sincerity is the keystone of her music. Roots of Sandhja’s music springs from her mother’s side, from Guyana, South-America. Her grandmother from two generations ago was a locally known singer who sang in weddings and funerals. Singing was a way of releasing the pains of her hard life. Her parents were forced by the British to leave their homeland India to work in the sugarcane fields in South America; Sandhja’s great grandmother was born in the ship leaving from India to Guyana.


As an artist Sandhja sees herself as her great grandmother’s successor; as an interpreter of deep emotions believing in the empowering and healing nature of music.


Her first single “Hold Me” became a huge hit and the story continued with the following single “Gold”. Her debut album “Gold” was released 2014. Sandhja represents Finland in the Eurovision song contest in May with her latest single “Sing It Away”…












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