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Julian Sherwood – Make Me Stay

Julian Sherwood – Make Me Stay






Julian Sherwood - Make Me Stay
Julian Sherwood – Make Me Stay




Julian Sherwood – Make Me Stay




Being a drummer from the age of 10, creating music has almost always been a massive part of his life. By 13 years old, he was already performing at bars and local events alongside his brother in Hard Water, a band they put together on their own. By 18, Sherwood decided to pick up a guitar and start teaching himself how to play. Falling in love with the sound of an acoustic guitar, the artist set out to purchase his first. From there, everything changed. Letting the music lead the way, the tonality and beauty of the sound coming from his instruments are what guided him. Focusing on songwriting, he began putting together original material based on life experiences and personal thoughts, and an acoustic and hasn’t stopped since.


Having performed as both vocalist and drummer in bands since 2009, spreading his music through live performance is nothing new to Sherwood. Currently playing 1 to 3 shows a month to keep up his chops and build an audience is a standard for him.


More Details!

With the release of the Singles EP, Julian Sherwood takes the best parts of a few classic genres and breeds a sound current and familiar…  Laced with beautiful progressions, a contemporary neo-folk feel, and an honest, upfront lyrical approach, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative indie folk anthems.


The first single, “Focus Groups”, grabs you with its infectious vocal melodies, followed by its building percussive groove and a catchy chorus that doesn’t easily escape your mind.  Most important is the songs ability to build and breathe as it plays on.


Julian himself attempts to describe the meaning behind the song saying “If humans really know nothing about what’s next (after death), a cosmic observer might look at us and laugh at our overreactions, confidence, sorrow, fear, and ungratefulness. Or, maybe we are right to feel these things. I imagine that there are ‘Focus Groups’ sitting around a table somewhere out there judging us for our human behavior. We don’t know anything for certain, and literally everything that we can’t prove wrong is possible.”


Although the singles do speak volumes for the artists’ songwriting, to get a real understanding for where Sherwood is coming from, you’ll need to wait until the full length album release.


“This single (Focus Groups) is a good example of the mood, and production of the upcoming album. But while the full length album will have a few simpler/softer acoustic tracks much like Focus Groups, it will also feature more full band arrangements (drums, bass, electric guitar, keys) , with upbeat/groovier feel, and some heavier/more rock n’ roll instrumental approaches” says Sherwood about creating the upcoming record.














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