Franck Carducci – Alice’s Eerie Dream

Franck Carducci – Alice’s Eerie Dream






Franck Carducci - Alice's Eerie Dream

Franck Carducci – Alice’s Eerie Dream





Franck Carducci – Alice’s Eerie Dream


Franck Carducci, a multi-instrumentalist (bass, piano, guitar, drums, etc.) rose in a family where music is a way of life. Franck produced his first melody on a keyboard at age 5. He’ll always remain attached to this instrument, specifically the Hammond organ. He proceeds to learn the guitar by age 11. At 14, Franck discovers The Beatles and joins his first rock band. He literally “falls into” Pink-Floyd after attending a concert at age 15. Little by little, he strives towards a music that, while still being accessible, is also structurally more complex with different atmospheres.


The discovery of Genesis at age 17 embedded progressive rock into his heart. This experience came to define his passion for a music that’s both very rock and very atmospheric or psychedelic. That’s when he purchased his first 12 string guitar.


As Franck’s musical life progressed, he learnt both the bass and drums, providing an in depth understanding of the instruments involved in a rock band. The culmination of those experiences gives him the ability to arrange to the songs he has written.


Franck doesn’t have a primary instrument. He usually plays bass because it is, ‘the most interesting instrument within a band, linking rhythm and melodies’.


Between the ages of 20 and 30, he played with upwards of 20 different bands whose genres range from folk-song to rock via funk, blues or country-music. During this time, Franck was involved in the recording of 15 different albums, including 2 with French female folk singer Yanne Matis with whom he toured with throughout Europe. This tour saw Franck opening for musicians such as Murray Head, Bill Wyman, and Albert Lee.


In 2008, Franck moves to Amsterdam where he gets into the local scene and performs regularly in the famous clubs of the city. He participates in several bands with styles varying between funk, soul, pop and rock music.


Then in 2010, a dream comes true: Franck opens a gig for one of his heroes, Steve Hackett (Genesis). Steve watches the concert from backstage and would come to congratulate Franck in the dressing-room. Some days later, a discussion with Steve will convince Franck to focus on producing his own album. The goal was to produce a genuine album, without concessions but being sincere. And there was ODDITY. Through mixing styles and entangling sounds of Mellotrons, 12 string guitars, Hammond organ, and many others, the creation was born.


From Kubrick to The Beatles, ODDITY proposes a journey through history while providing a clear, homogeneous and modern sound.


The recording of this opus was made possible by a number of Franck’s musical acquaintances amongst whom “special guests” include John Hackett, Larry Crockett, Phildas ૐ Bhakta and Yanne Matis…












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