Emma Cornwell - Brave New World

Emma Cornwell – Brave New World






Emma Cornwell - Brave New World

Emma Cornwell – Brave New World





Emma Cornwell – Brave New World


Growing up my Mum had a major impact on my musical taste and introduced me to a whole spectrum, everything from Patsy Kline and Dionne Warwick to eighties pop bands like The Bangles, UB40 and Madonna. (I LOVED ‘80’s Kylie as well so I blame my mother). I would spend hours making up routines and willingly sing to Mum, Dad, Nan, Granddad whoever would listen. My brother tried to influence me with Nirvana, Green Day, Blur and The Beatles and my Dad fought his corner for David Bowie and The Who. Altogether, it was a pretty eclectic household Madonna was my absolute idol so it was natural that the first song I ever sang at a school talent show was called Promise to Try. I was absolutely petrified but I had the most amazing feeling once I got through the song. I took to singing good ‘warblers’ like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as I got older and my voice (slightly) matured. At the time it was just a bit of fun, but when I was asked to fill in for someone at the Duke of Edinburgh awards at the Barbican, I started to believe that I could do this professionally Not long after this, I got spotted at a charity event by a ‘60’s band that was looking for a female singer. It was a great opportunity and I did the pub circuit for a couple of years when I was sixteen. I put it on hold when I went to university but it wasn’t long before opportunity came knocking at my door in the form of Darren (McKiernan, my producer and school friend), who called me to say that he had set up a studio. We started recording various tracks and suddenly realised we had loads of songs. Eighteen months later, here we were with an album…






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