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D Minor – Concrete Pillow


D Minor – Concrete Pillow
D Minor – Concrete Pillow
D Minor + Alli Simpson – Concrete Pillow
Recording artist D Minor teams up with Alli Simpson to release a new single in the hope to inspire homeless youth.
Australian music charity MMAD (Musicians Making A Difference) are proud to announce the latest release by Sydney-based international recording and performing artist D Minor.
His new single Concrete Pillow, featuring Alli Simpson, is set to launch… giving insight into his troubled childhood and experiences with violence, homelessness, and overall life struggles.
Many years in the making, he started penning the lyrics at an early age to escape hardship and cope with his turbulent family life.
“Concrete Pillow talks about my life, and what I’ve been through – the pain and struggles I had to endure as a child, becoming homeless, placed in foster homes, and shuffled between refugees,” he reveals.
A music journalist recently wrote that “D Minor is on the rise and is one to watch”.
Despite being homeless by age 11, kicked out of school soon after, and then as a 14-year-old was heartbreakingly separated from his twin brother when they were placed in separate foster homes, D Minor has amazingly managed to overcome adversity and rise to success.
Now eagerly completing his degree at the Australian Institute of Music, D Minor reveals he had coincidentally reunited with his brother at a refuge two years after they’d been torn apart.
“We reconnected and ensured we stuck together throughout the rest of our time in refuges,” he adds.
As his love and passion for music became his salvation, his passion for inspiring young people through his music also grew and he regularly started performing for youth events and charities.
D Minor has had the opportunity to be mentored by industry powerhouses like APRA, Network Ten, Sony Foundation & Universal Music.
He also represented Australia at the 19th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA).
Beating 40 other nations, he proudly took out Gold for Australia for his track SYD 2 LBC, about his journey from homelessness to performing on the world stage.
And with his latest upcoming track, once again his powerful lyrics are set to inspire and move audiences.
“Concrete Pillow is important to me as I want to bring awareness to the situation and inspire others experiencing hardship,” he says.
Also featuring on the single is 20-year-old Gold Coast singer, model, dancer, and host, Alli Simpson.
Having released three of her own singles in recent years, Alli has a huge social media following and has lent her voice to anti-bullying initiatives, enjoying using her public profile to positively impact people.
Having also experienced homelessness firsthand, Alli says when the opportunity arose to work alongside D Minor on Concrete Pillow she jumped at the chance.
“My short homeless experience on Filthy Rich & Homeless was life-changing for me. I met MMAD when I was in a refuge and their music program was so inspiring, so now I really want to help them to reach more young people,” Alli says.
Now also a proud Music Mentor and Charity Ambassador for MMAD, D Minor says all the adversity he faced has far from broken him – instead it’s made him stronger, wiser, and more dedicated to helping others.
This up-and-coming rising artist is absolutely one to watch, his impressive lyrical writing ability is second to none – as is his knack for moving and inspiring people through his powerful lyrics.
His brilliant and raw lyrics in Concrete Pillow will no doubt amaze and impress listeners as he gives a harrowing account of his story and life on the streets.
“I’m hoping the single will raise money to help homelessness in Australia, and also help MMAD on their mission to inspire young people to overcome hardship and fulfill their great potential,” he states.
“I want young people to always remember there’s support out there, and they can leave behind their Concrete Pillow – no matter what burden they are facing.”


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