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Levi Kane – CUT

Levi Kane – CUT






Levi Kane - CUT
Levi Kane – CUT





Levi Kane – CUT


Levi Kane releases debut Single and Music Video ‘Cut’.  Levi Kane emerges from Brisbane with a music video for his debut single ‘Cut’ as the introduction to his solo rock project. ‘Cut’ is about pain which you cannot bear, that shakes you to the core and your chest aches at the thought of what you’ve lost of yourself; what you can never become. This reality you cannot escape, it becomes ingrained and shapes your being. The track was recorded at James North Productions in Brisbane.


The music video for ‘Cut’ was produced by James Bacskay of Little White Dog Films. The clip represents an evening of events of a mysterious chauffeur and the passengers he encounters throughout his shift. Ultimately the chauffeur has a doppelganger that is a different version of himself; who he could have been. Acting credits to Cecile Blackmore, Gabby Carbon, Gina Grey, Kane Mackle, Levi Mackle, Richard Macgregor, Russ Gallagher and Willem Whitfield.


Levi Kane has been drawn to music from as far back as he can remember, stating that a well written song powerhouse of feelings can always bring colourful imagery to mind. He interprets music as an escape; it can take you from experiencing utter joy to complete sadness and anywhere in-between.


He admits to selling his beloved VW Kombi Van (Salmon) to pursue his passion for music. Sitting down with a guitar and making something from nothing has been the catalyst, finding raw emotion easiest to express musically, writing more prolifically when life has been “throwing a few curve balls”.


Levi Kane has been influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, Queens of The Stone Age and Velvet Revolver. With an album worth of material ready for release and currently in the process of working on lyric videos for a few of the tracks, this is just the beginning for Levi Kane.








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