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Robert Barnett – Hello Mister Kerr

Robert Barnett – Hello Mister Kerr






Robert Barnett - Hello Mister Kerr
Robert Barnett – Hello Mister Kerr





Robert Barnett – Hello Mister Kerr


Robert Barnett was born to a large family in Los Angeles right smack in the middle of the 60s. Growing up, you could easily hear a bit of Classic Country, Motown, Glam, Folk, Prog Rock, New Romantic, Rock in one summer day around the Barnett house.


While Robert appreciated myriad genres of music, his contribution to the family mix was electronic music. Robert had a natural aptitude for music as a child. He also had a natural aptitude for electronics and engineering. It just so happened, Robert’s father was an electrical engineer and fostered Robert’s interest with buying him electronic kits and teaching him how to solder. Ever since hearing Elton John’s Funeral for a friend at the age of eight, Robert became interested in synthesizers. As a teenager, he discovered artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Wendy Carlos, Vangelis, and Synergy. Robert was captivated by the synth’s ability to create otherworldly sounds.


Moving into adulthood, Robert’s prime interest became Multi-Media. Not only was Robert intrigued by creating music, photography and video, he was also fascinated by the tools and machines used to record and/or display the finished product. Since the late 80s, Robert has accumulated experience in film/television production, software engineering, sound/music recording/engineering, music/theater performing, and web development.


Robert is self-taught on the guitar and piano. He didn’t start singing until 2000. At 52 years old after decades of recording other artists, directing their music videos, signing background, etc., Robert decided it was time to confront his fear of sucking to the max and just do it. These days, an artist can self-produce and just release a single. It’s a bit unconventional but Robert realized the constant state of wondering if it was right or wrong was a constant roadblock so he did it anyway.


Robert is wrapping up a contract work engagement but plans to devote all of his time to music by the close of next year. He’s currently working on his next track, Sleeping Under Water.



Robert Barnett is a self-produced singer/songwriter with a new single, “Hello Mister Kerr,” out now.


Tucson, Arizona – September 16, 2018 – Robert Barnett showcased a great knack for music and technology at an early age but always remained in the background throughout his years of producing multimedia for various outlets. Fast forward to today and he’s ready to share his talents with the world with her debut single “Hello Mister Kerr.”


Robert’s first step into music was through his older sisters playing The Beatles when he was a wee baby. Growing up, his house was filled with music and his influences were abundant. He played keyboards in the band November in Los Angeles during the early ’90s, playing gigs at The Roxy, Luna Park, and even a benefit at The Queen Mary. All the while he was teaching himself how to record and engineer music using a DAW and his natural inquisitive ability to “figure it out”.


Today he’s working on a new single, “Sleeping Under Water”.












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