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Alex Velea – Whisper

Alex Velea – Whisper






Alex Velea - Whisper
Alex Velea – Whisper




Alex Velea – Whisper


If showmanship could take a human form, it would probably be Alex Velea. Seems like an exaggerated statement but the truth is that Alex is one of the most charming and captivating artists that Romania has to offer, and yes, he is a mind-blowing showman.


In love with music as a child, Alex accomplished his lifelong dream of becoming a singer in the fall of 2005, when he released his debut album – YAMASHA. A statement about individuality, love and being true to one’s self, the album went Gold after producing three amazing singles and chart-toppers: Yamasha, Dragoste la Prima Vedere and Doamna Mea.


The end of 2008 marked the release of a new single – Doar Ea. The song’s originality lies in mixing a clubbing beat with Alex’s manner of singing that has powerful pop and R&B influences. The next release was the album and single Secret (2010) and single “Don’t say it’s over”, and it was no secret to anyone that Alex’s wave of success wasn’t anywhere near being over.


With each single a chart topper, Alex Velea is and will continue to be without a doubt one of the hottest singers and showmen on the Romanian, and dare we say, European scene.










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