MAI – I Don’t Mind

MAI – I Don’t Mind






MAI - I Don't Mind

MAI – I Don’t Mind





MAI – I Don’t Mind


On the 31st of December in 1982 MAI, in civil life known as Maria Thevis, was born in Aachen, Germany. She grew up in a very musical family. As a little girl, before she could barely talk or walk, she joined her father with her baby talk and funny movements while he was playing the guitar and her mother – the piano. Her love for music was born. Music became the main inspiration in her life at an early age. She took piano lessons and sang in several choirs as a child. She started her own bands, when she was 16 years old and gained a great deal of stage experience. From the first moment on, she wanted to entertain people with music and everybody who saw her on stage knew immediately; this girl lives for music and the stage will be her home.


In 2005, MAI moved over to the Netherlands. Before she could even speak Dutch, she was already busy with music again. She got in touch with dance music due to a friend who was a DJ. Together with him she made her first dance productions and had her first experience as a vocalist and vocal MC at dance parties. The audience got and still gets enchanted by her warm and natural charisma. Her brilliant improvisational skills make her the perfect addition to the music. When MAI is on stage the party will become an unforgettable event that people will talk about for a long time afterwards. In addition to her vocal MC profession, MAI also writes her own songs. She took part in the radio 538 Demo Duel with her single “Ride”. The song and her stage performance made her the obvious winner.


RIDE – a coproduction between MAI en Joeri van Dongen (JVD Music) – is a mixture of dance and rock. The jury, radio 538 presenter Frank Daane, Jerney Kaagman and Tony van de Berkt, the general manager of the record label 8ball Music were impressed by the performance. They experienced the same magic that others have experienced before – a singer with a tough, modern, sexy charisma and a recognizable sound. Someone who really rocks the stage!


GET LOUNGED – The EP “MAI with Friends” is the first creative result of the MAI together with her band Get Lounged. The fair play between DJ, creative musicians and their instruments brings this kind of electronic music alive. The band features vocals by MAI, together with a DJ, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Trumpeter and Percussionist. The repertoire of Get Lounged is very versatile: from ambient lounge to soulful house and danceable deep house music. On stage the beautiful MAI understands the chemistry and power of using timeless classic vocals in combination with their own songs like “I Don’t Mind and On A Ride”. That’s what gives Get Lounged the unique sound…










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