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Saze – Call Away

Saze – Call Away






Saze - Call Away
Saze – Call Away





Saze – Call Away


Having a passion for music even as a kid, Saze (Şafak Ezer) used to exchange music albums with his teachers in elementary school in Africa. Later, with guidance from his uncle in Istanbul, Saze started to play drums, his main instrument, at the age of 12.


After high school, while studying in the U.S., Saze continued to expand his musical horizons by playing with various musicians in the Albany, New York area. It was during this time that he started writing original material and taught himself recording and production techniques. After graduating, Saze moved to New York City and performed with various artists in the city and on out-of-state tours. Among these artists was pop/rock singer, songwriter Maggie Kim, who features international star John Legend on her 2004 song, “Perfect”.


A hiatus only proved to increase his desire to make music. Saze returned to Istanbul to get back to his true passion. This time, he decided to produce his songs with himself as the vocalist.


“Call Away” is the first fruit of this effort. The songs reflect different musical influences under a grooving, sexy, streetwise sound.






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