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Yerry Rellum – I Feel Love

Yerry Rellum – I Feel Love






Yerry Rellum - I Feel Love
Yerry Rellum – I Feel Love





Yerry Rellum – I Feel Love


Born and raised in Amsterdam, singer-songwriter Yerry Rellum started his musical journey in 2005 with the release of his first album ‘Exception to the Rule’ under his former artist name Caprice with the French label Quantizers. From this album, the single ‘Insecure’ became a hit in France. Yerry focuses on R&B and Soul music. The most powerful thing is his magnificent voice. He makes great use of it and utilizes all his vocal abilities without restrictions. He is willing to try when there are new opportunities. Besides singing, he also takes part in acting. He has acted in Dutch movies like “Alleen Maar Nette Mensen” and “Kankerlijers”. Yerry would like to cherish every chance and be well-prepared for his future path. In 2006, a popular Dutch DJ and production team by the name of The Partysquad asked Yerry to perform with Jacqueline Govaert (Krezip) at the opening for the TMF awards. The single reached number 2 on the Dutch national charts. In 2009, Caprice collaborated with the Italian producer Shablo for the single ‘Conta Su Di Me’ with Italian rapper Gue Pequeno. Caprice appeared on two albums by Gue Pequeno. In 2011, Yerry decided to form a new group called ‘Next of Kin’ with whom he released two albums. In 2013, Yerry was asked for singing backing vocals for Dutch rock diva Anouk at the Eurovision Song Festival in Sweden. Since 2015, he has been the main vocalist for Dutch rapper Fresku and has signed with the management company and record label Walboomers Music in Amsterdam. In 2016, Yerry Rellum competed in The Voice Of Holland season 7 and reached the quarter-finals in February 2017. His new single ‘I Feel Love’ was released in February 2018, and is getting a lot of international recognition. This new single was written by Duane Stephenson, co-written by Yerry Rellum and produced by top-class producer Wouter Hardy. From January 2019, Yerry is going to be part of a musical theatre tour in the Netherlands called ‘A Man’s World’. Old school soul music is the theme of this tour which is undoubtedly one of Yerry’s strengths. He is now preparing for this exciting tour so let’s look forward to this fascinating show.












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