Alcuna Wilds – Pulse

Alcuna Wilds – Pulse






Alcuna Wilds - Pulse

Alcuna Wilds – Pulse





Alcuna Wilds – Pulse


Alcuna Wilds released their latest single and animated video clip ‘Pulse’ on 12th September 2018, which premiered on Dutch music platform The Daily Indie. The single will feature on their third EP, Nothing Is Nothing, which will be released on 25th January 2019. The band also filmed a live video for the track in the incredible LED-lined concert hall of the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam, which will be released on 21st November 2018.


‘Pulse’ is about a mutually dependant but ultimately destructive relationship, the energy of which reverberates through both the lyrics and the music. The characters are stuck in a perpetual cycle of yearning to break free, whilst also finding themselves inescapably drawn back in. Echoing the lyrics, the distorted waltz-like guitar riff is matched with the pounding beat of the rhythm section, while an eerie, wasp-like synthesizer soars above the thick layers. Soothing vocals in the verses mark the calm before the storm: the drones intensify, and thunder strikes as the relationship reaches its inevitable conclusion. The listener is left with one last message ringing out: “You caught my attention!”.


The official video for ‘Pulse’ is the work of Dutch graphic designer and animator Zindzi Witte (Zwart Werk). Witte took the waltz-like rhythm and repetition in the song and made it the central theme of her vibrant animation. In the clip, the viewer moves through what at first appears to be an ‘ordinary’ wedding party, but pretty soon it becomes clear that things aren’t quite as they seem. All of the characters seem to be possessed by the driving rhythm, and regimented order soon descends into a bewildering, psychedelic chaos!


Who are Alcuna Wilds?

Alcuna Wilds is a British/Dutch band based in the Netherlands. The band creates atmospheric trip-rock music, combining ambient soundscapes, driving beats and strong melodic riffs, with rich, melancholic vocals and observant, reflective lyrics.  Fronted by British singer Nadja Freeman and formed of members from both sides of the North Sea, their diverse influences contribute to their distinctive sound. Their latest single ‘Pulse’ was released in September 2018, and will be followed by the band’s third EP in January 2019.


Alcuna Wilds have chalked up close to 100 shows throughout the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Belgium. These have included performances at some of the Netherlands’ top music venues, such as AFAS Live (Amsterdam), Sugarfactory (Amsterdam), Patronaat (Haarlem), Ekko (Utrecht) and Hedon (Zwolle), and at festivals such as Greenbelt Festival (UK), Stroud Fringe Festival (UK), the Bevrijdingsfestival Amsterdam (Liberation Day Festival), State-X New Forms (The Hague), and Surfana Festival (Bloemendaal). The band have supported national and international acts, such as Sigur Ros (IS), Thought Forms (UK), Dralms (CA), Gallops (UK), Sea Change (NO), Tears & Marble (NL) and Throws (UK). In 2017, the band performed across the Netherlands as part of the national, handpicked ‘Popronde’ tour, promoting upcoming talent.


Members :

Alcuna Wilds is: Nadja Freeman (UK) vocals, synths; Pete Barnes (UK) on guitar; Jordy Pama (NL) on synths, bass and backing vocals; and Sjaak van Dam (NL) on drums and samples.














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