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November 13, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

Todd Barrow – Bad Tattoo






Todd Barrow - Bad Tattoo
Todd Barrow – Bad Tattoo





Todd Barrow – Bad Tattoo


Born and raised in Texas enjoying the simple life. Performing is something that Todd enjoys doing and making music with a purpose. He likes to write his music and also perform with others. Todd’s new CD, “Texas Country Nation” is available for purchase at All Texas Music.


Texas country music artist Todd Barrow releases ‘Bad Tattoo’ written by WCCMP Songwriter Family Members Anthony L. Seibert and His Co-Writer, Jerry Holthouse.


This is an up-tempo hit song…it tells a story about a young man and his struggles with his father.   The story is exceptional and the production is KILLER.  Final production was done by Tanner Landry of Fort Worth Sound.














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