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Lil’ Linn – Sharpshooting Gal


Lil’ Linn – Sharpshooting Gal
Lil’ Linn – Sharpshooting Gal
Lil’ Linn & The Lookout Boys- Sharpshooting Gal
The Swedish songstress Lil’ Linn has the voice that reminds you of classic female Country/Hillbilly stars like Ella Mae Morse or Charlene Arthur, she just sounds like she’s straight out of a 50’s Capitol records recording. Then add a band that knows how to play it just like they did back in the day.
Most of the musicians who teamed up for these recordings were handpicked from other well-established Swedish bands such as The Domestic Bumblebees, Eddie & The Flatheads, Riley McOwen to name a few.
On the track Open Road, Sonny Rogers joins Lil’ Linn to share the vocal duties.
This album still stuns people, as they can’t believe it was recorded and released in 2009. It could easily as well have been released in 1954. Truly authentic all the way and made with passion and love for those sounds from decades ago.
Lil´Linn & The Lookout Boys are:
Vocals – Lil´Linn
Electric guitar – Thimmy Hedblom
Steel guitar – Andre Hakwinsson
Piano – David Heikkinen
Acoustic guitar – Matti Friberg
Drums – Angelo Tiitto
Double bass, vocals – Tobias Einestad



Guest musicians:
Sonny Rogers – Vocals on Open Road
Jonas Olpers – Fiddle on Open Road
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Enviken Studios by Patrik Staffansson.
Photos cover & back by Per Thorsell / Switchblade Design
Layout by: Jonas Veronesi

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