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Misty Mtn – We’ll Call it Even

Misty Mtn - We'll Call it Even
Misty Mtn – We’ll Call it Even
Misty Mtn – We’ll Call it Even
Brooklyn-based indie synth-pop duo Misty Mtn release “We’ll Call It Even”.
With “We’ll Call It Even,” Misty Mtn continue to roll out their signature ‘dark mountain pop’ with the third single from their debut EP due Spring 2019.
“This song is about trying to make it in a city you can’t afford, but having someone with you every step of the way,” says the band. “We met working at a restaurant, so this song is personal to us.”
Misty Mtn will perform for the official release show at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall (main stage) on November 20 followed by a show at Nashville’s The Basement on November 26.
“The twosome’s unique assortment of sonic qualities of slick synths and dream-like melodies along with sharp writing occupied with its musings is something for the listeners…



Inspired by the Bob Dylan lyric “I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains,” Brooklyn-based duo Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall joined musical forces under the moniker Misty Mtn in late 2017. Influenced by their western roots – Morissa having grown up singing at the rodeo in Montana and Lucas in indie bands in his hometown of Los Angeles – they weave together western style, Icelandic aesthetic, and Brooklyn beats to create a distinct style of synth-pop they call “dark mountain pop.”
It was during a trip to Montreal where the duo wrote their debut single “Greener,” which would anchor the project’s direction. “We really connected over the worlds we had grown up in and loved,” says the band. “It just kind of came out of us naturally. We wrote it in probably two hours. And the rest really flowed from there.”
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