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Myylo – Lack of You


Myylo – Lack of You
Myylo – Lack of You
Myylo – Lack of You
Nashville-based LGBT pop writer-performer Myylo releases his new single “Lack Of You”.
With “Lack Of You” Myylo gets personal, wearing his heart on his sleeve as he shows off his signature falsetto while outlining the palpable pain of a love gone wrong from years ago.
“I’d been trying to write this song for a couple of years,” says Myylo. “I have a bunch of old songs that are kind of embarrassingly bad, where I was writing about this one particular guy. But, when I wrote “Lack of You,” I felt like my soul had cracked open, and I finally was able to say what I needed to in the way I needed to say it.”
Turning heads in Nashville’s emerging pop-scene, Myylo is an artist to watch.
Myylo will perform next at Nashville’s The Back Corner with Stela Cole on November 28.



Myylo grew up in Calabasas, California singing nerdy a cappella music and honking through alto sax parts in the jazz band. He took his songwriting to the University of Pennsylvania where he studied under Grammy-winning music critic Anthony Decurtis. With an Ivy League degree under his belt, he moved back to L.A. to intern at Jim Henson Studios for Grammy-winning producer Neff-U and former Head of Creative at Warner Chappell Judy Stakee. He has lived in Nashville for the past two years where he has been at the forefront of its burgeoning pop scene. His shows have drawn crowds of 200+ and he has been invited to attend song camps hosted by ASCAP, BMG Chrysalis, Baby Face, and Mike Posner. He is also heavily involved in Nashville’s LGBT community, hosting monthly shows that exclusively feature the city’s LGBT songwriters and artists.
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