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303 – Whisper

303 – Whisper
303 – Whisper
303 – Whisper
303 is an amazing R&B super trio from the UK that came into existence on 30th March 2017. The release of the striking and tuneful song entitled “Whisper” with a magnificent and fascinating video proves to the world that R&B is nevertheless as entertaining as the olden times.
The colorful background of the video enhances the quality of the music video. The trio thrills the audiences with their enticing appearances and nails the cool R&B beat with their expressive vocals in harmony. The first verse is warm while the hook takes you into the thrill, seconded with striking vocals into the next verse… this is a great song. “Whisper” reveals the trio’s remarkable harmonies and marvelous blend of vocals on a chilly R&B rhythm.
Fans will be thrilled with their heavenly voices and innocent appearances. The video is excellent while the trio sings with comfort and superiority. Their performance is tremendously extraordinary while the high standard of video production takes it to a higher level.
The trio sings with confidence while in total control of the performance and their model-like looks make the video more appealing. Huge kudos must be given to Maddie, Io, and Chloe for coming up with this brilliant and wonderful song.
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