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November 26, 2018by Kolade Olamide0

Mark Angels – Climax






Mark Angels - Climax
Mark Angels – Climax




Mark Angels – Climax


Mark Angels drops an impressive song entitled ‘Climax’ with a smooth, dramatic and narrative music video.  According to Mark “Climax depicts the inevitable failure of a toxic relationship. Letting go seems impossible when you’re trapped by past memories of love, late night drives and rebellious behaviour.”


Mark is a half Filipino and half Scottish with a marvelous vocal. His delivery of words is full of clarity which refines the song perfectly and makes it engaging.


‘Climax’ is a mix of electronic sound with R&B pop flow; which makes the song extraordinary and one of a kind production.


The melodious and strong hook of the song and flexible delivery of the verses by Mark are what added more sugar to the tea of the song. ‘Climax’ is a multi-genre song; that perfectly twists electronic sound into R&B pop.  The production of ‘Climax’ is first class and remarkable.

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