Lauria - I Got Me

Lauria – I Got Me






Lauria - I Got Me

Lauria – I Got Me





Lauria – I Got Me


Lauria has finally released her long-awaited second single entitled “I Got Me”. Florie-Laure “Lauria” Zadigue Dubé awoke her passion for singing when she was only two, listening to the musical “Notre Dame de Paris”. As a child she was part of the choir of her church.  From her first year in high school, Lauria became known as ‘the singer’ of her group, spending every lunch hour in the music class. She performed on stage at her school several times, published several videos on YouTube and took singing lessons. Eventually she crossed paths with a band in 2016 called NewDayz with whom she sang co-lead alongside her cousin performing pop/reggae fusion until they disbanded less than one year later.


“I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer and when I was little I thought I was a better dancer than singer. As I was growing up though, I realized nothing made me happier than singing.”

– Lauria


 Lauria grew up with a musician uncle and local artists from all over Montreal… regularly be coming in and out of their basement studio. “I remember growing up thinking “I can’t wait to be old enough so I can play with all this stuff!” said Lauria.


Currently studying at Cocordia University, Lauria’s favourite times are really in the studio.


“I’m happiest in front of the microphone when I know we’re turning a small idea into something that will matter. Every time I leave a recording session, I feel euphoria.” – Lauria


“But now” says Lauria, “I don’t think in terms of having a genre. I just do music that makes me feel alive, that makes me feel something. I’m so passionate about music because I’ve had the experience, when I’ve discovered new artists or new songs, where I had to stop whatever I was doing to just let the chills of a melody take over me. I’ve had times when I had to close my eyes and just lie down because a song was so musically powerful.”


Lauria just wants to make sure her listeners take something… whether it makes them move on a club dance floor or smile at home while doing homework. Whether it’s her music or her lyrics, “I want potential fans to connect with me as an artist through my songs. I want to create something that’ll make others feel a tenth of what I feel during these moments when I am most inspired, no matter the genre.”
















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