KAYAM – Ground






KAYAM – Ground

KAYAM – Ground






Duo KAYAM releases a spectacular video that is exceptional.


Harmony between the first’s opening verse with a smooth male voice and the supporting female voice is excellent.


‘Ground’ is a hit song detailing the vocals of the brother/ sister duo KAYAM.


It is melodic and pleasing to the ears.


The duo is entertaining to see if one is to look at their impressive performance of the song and the stunning video.


The display of captivating dance moves across the street in the video is noteworthy.

Broadtube Music Channel


The song has been enjoying an amazing success.


Featuring in the Spotify Germany Viral 50 tracks for multiple weeks is part of the success.


Interwoven lyrics and a catchy hook go with this pleasant and lively one-take video.


KAYAM is the musical duo of siblings Kim and Mike Rauss, performing what they label Falafel Pop – a near obsession for chickpeas and much love.


The brother and sister had a cross-cultural upbringing living at various stages in England, Germany and Israel and the wanderlust they experienced in their early years which has left an impression on their approach to music making and live performance.


Kim sings and plays the Celtic Harp, Mike plays guitar, sings and builds the loops with guitar percussion and the occasional beat boxing.


KAYAM’s songs are atmospheric and compelling offering room for improvisation on stage and a poised studio approach that makes their songs stick out.


“Midnight” is the first song from their upcoming debut album and is a great introduction to KAYAM’s artistic and genuine sound.


“Ground” is the second song from their upcoming debut album and is a proof that the duo is here to entertain fans with memorable songs.
















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Olena Shostko – August Kiss

Olena Shostko – August Kiss






Olena Shostko - August Kiss

Olena Shostko – August Kiss





Olena Shostko – August Kiss


Olena Shostko impresses with her artistic and extraordinary music that emulates from an instrument based on her exceptional skills.


If you are searching for a musical treat for relaxation, then Olena Shostko will take you on that treat with her outstanding instrumental.

Broadtube Music Channel


Olena Shostko was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


She played fortepiano and almost at once she composed the music of her own at six-year-old.



Olena got a music college diploma with honors in piano and she was a teacher at a music school for a while. Later she became the professional lawyer, but the music has always been her companion.


For many years Olena has played her compositions for a private audience of relatives and friends.



They often noted that her music was much better than some soundtracks for films or the music broadcast on radio or TV…


Only many years later did she dare to share her inner life to the wider audience.


In 2015 Olena Shostko recorded her romantic and sensual CD album ‘Untold’ that comprises six compositions: Enlightenment, My Secret, August Kiss, Dreams of you, Goodbye Dance, Untold.



Borys Sevastyanov, an Ukrainian musician from Kharkiv took care of the arrangement of the compositions.


“The songs included into the album are being my own feelings, emotions, and experience,” says Olena.



“When I miss words, my music is speaking. I have realized that I need to share the gift hidden for a long time,”.



The pianist also adds:

“ I would not have been able to write music without God’s blessing.


As music comes out on its own when I am playing.”


Olena Shostko released her first CD in 2018, recorded by the National Radio Company of Ukraine.


Performers: Ensemble of Symphony Orchestra of the National Radio Company of Ukraine,


Conductor: Volodymyr Sheiko.




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Choosing a Band Name

Choosing a Band Name or Artist Name



Choosing a Band Name or Artist Name

Choosing a Band Name or Artist Name


As artists need to copyright their works, the same applies to trademark their names in this digital world that success on the internet requires search engine optimization.


There are several legal claims on two artists bearing the same artist name.


Prevention is better than cure.


It is better to choose the right name to avoid any legal case.


Let us say there is someone by the name Michael and he is aspiring to be a pop star.


It is advisable for the person to choose another name because his real name is Michael does not mean he can use the name as his artist name – If another artist has the right to the name, so the name is not available as an artist name despite he is bearing the name from birth.


Two artists cannot be using the same artist name without trouble.


Because the artist name will display on streaming and social media platforms.


Misrepresentation may arise if we have two artists bearing the same artist name.


If a promoter wants to book Taylor, and we have two artists bearing Taylor, the promoter might book the wrong artist.


This is the main reason artists do not play with names.


Be sure you are the only one bearing the band name or artist name you are using.


Let us say you have been using Jack the Rapper as your artist name.


You have spent much money trying to brand your name.


You need to justify that you trademark the name in case another artist comes up to claim your artist name.


Choosing an existing artist name will affect your brand and trying to market yourself using another name later to your fans might cost you much.


You will wonder how an artist will choose the same name with another artist but no one is perfect and choosing names can be challenging.


If you are trying to choose a name for a company by guessing, you might not get it right at the first-six attempts.


In fact, it’s not an issue of perfection, choose five to six names and try to check the names on search engines to see if the names are not in use by other artists.


Choose the name you cannot find three to five times on the first page of any web search engine.


Avoid using punctuation marks, capital letters and long words while selecting an artist name.


Make it unique, short and easy to pronounce.


Use of punctuation marks, capital letters and long words might affect the search engine optimization.


Choose an artist name that no other artist is bearing and be sure no one has trademarked the name.


Avoid using too short words because the possibility of another artist using the name is possible.


Use a search engine to research your name and make sure to the best of your knowledge you are the only person bearing the artist name.


If you are in a band, try to avoid using your personal name in case you will break up with the band.


So you won’t have problem switching to your real by the time you want to go solo.


There is a need for you to trademark your name so that another person might not use the name after choosing your artist name.


Artist’s name is so important because it will appear in everything involving the artist.


If you choose the wrong name that means you are playing with your music career.


Picking the wrong name can result to setback and loss of revenue.


Because when the case arises, you might need to remove your work associated with that name and start over again.


Most artists choose name doing no research on the names or do not even bothered to trademark the names.


Most artists are not even aware of what it might cause to their music careers.


Try to research your artist name online.


Educate yourself on copyright.


Independent artists need to be more careful as well because of the limited fund so choosing a wrong artist name or band name can result to damages.


It is never too late to research on your artist name using a search engine after the choice.


Drop the artist name once you realize someone is bearing the same artist name before it’s too late. If you are lucky, you get it right then try to trademark your name so you can claim the name.


Choose a unique name, not too short, not too long, easy to pronounce and make sure you are the only one using the artist name.


United States Patent and Trademark Office


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Joy Lynn – Like Christmas

Joy Lynn – Like Christmas






Joy Lynn - Like Christmas

Joy Lynn – Like Christmas





Joy Lynn – Like Christmas


Joy Lynn will entice music fans with her melodic and pleasant voice as she sings a folkish song in a way so entertaining.


Lynn sings from the soul with the realness in her song.


Her story telling and smooth style distinguish her as one of a kind.

Broadtube Music Channel


Inspiring a sense of peace, Joy Lynn illuminates issues of the heart and mind with her warm, organic sound.


Hailing from the East Coast, grounded in indie roots and influenced by the likes of Bing Crosby, with his intimate, relaxed style of singing.


As a writer, she enjoys combining atmospheric storytelling with lush vocals that carry a subtle cinematic flair.


After her official debut in 2018, Joy Lynn’s second release, “Shadow of Mine” received recognition from Fresh On The Net, run by Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Introducing)…


Joy Lynn’s most recent release “Like Christmas” is a mellow, acoustic air to the people that mean the most in our lives.


She wrote this song in 2015 while visiting family in London.


She thought of the special people in her life during the time her Father-in-law was in the hospital.


It is a song she hopes will speak to anyone that listens…


Her travels and diverse cultural interests have encouraged experimentation with different musical styles.


She collaborates with her English counterpart in their indie-electronic duo, MEVANON, and continues to find new ways of expression.






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Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger

Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger






Sannie Fox - My Soul Got Stranger

Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger





Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger


Sannie Fox is an iconic singer that will create timeless songs for those who know and value original composition and sound.



She has a compelling vocal that will make fans of Sade fall in love with her performance. Her songwriting skills and arrangements are outstanding. The instruments put together are appealing and entertaining. Fox proves to us that original music is nevertheless alive.


Fox will be an idol on a live stage because one will not be disappointed to see her sing these melodic and timeless song live.


‘My Soul Got Stranger’ is an eclectic collection and the sum of thirteen tracks including two bonus tracks which cross genres of psych rock, blues, soul and Elizabethan folk.



It is retro.



And modern at the same time.



Sannie Fox wrote the songs over many years and played the melodic instruments (guitars, synths, keys vocals) and wrote the lyrics and arrangements.



Inspired by artists such as Kate Bush, David Bowie, Sade and Malian desert blues and Portuguese folk music, John Lee Hooker, Etta James in penning these songs.



The album is a journey with sonic changes, from the heart and with deep love and attention to detail.



The songs elaborate on loss.



And people parting from one another.



But the songs are not sad.



With a voracious voice and fingers to her electric guitar, Sannie Fox sways across an evolving sonic tapestry of desert blues, soul and psychedelic rock sounds.



Fox has released two solo albums- Serpente Masjien (SAMA nominated) and My Soul Got Stranger.



She has released a self-titled debut album through her band, Machineri featuring the songs, “Big Bad Machine” and “The Searchers” and the album artwork created by Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin).



London and Cape Town based Sannie is a mix of Portuguese, Afrikaans and English nationality.



Three years after the release of her debut solo album, Sannie Fox’s My Soul Got Stranger is a calculated evolution from her blues sound.



Incorporating elements of psychedelia (“Vibra Snake”), gritty soul (“Sorrow”) and folk (“Me and the Man”), the singer-songwriter embraces compositional complexity—multiple-part vocals, keyboards and synthesizers—resulting in new sonic flourishes., Fox revels in her ballads, dealing with themes of desertion, general heartache and how you need to realise when it’s time…



Expansion of her musical arsenal underlines My Soul Got Stranger’s unique ebb and flow.

















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Heidi Anne

Heidi Anne – I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone






Heidi Anne - I Ain't Spending Christmas Alone

Heidi Anne – I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone





Heidi Anne – I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone


Heidi Anne releases an amazing and colourful video for the hit song entitled ‘I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone.’


‘I ain’t Spending Christmas alone’ by Heidi Anne is a brand Christmas and romantic song.


Heidi Anne is a brilliant vocalist with great vocals that is pleasing.


The video of ‘I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone’ is full of simplicity and colourful scenes.



Heidi Anne is a professional singer that sings from the heart.


‘I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone’ is melodic and fascinating enough to entice music fans.



Gorgeous appearances and outfit of Heidi add to the value of the video.


The real melody of the song emanates from the symphonic vocals of Heidi.



She is a gifted singer.


‘I Ain’t Spending Christmas Alone’ is an R&B pop ballad that details the twist in waiting for the one you love with Christmas.



The video is exact in unfolding the theme of the song to the audience.



The story is on a lonesome girl on Christmas, standing by for her boyfriend to come back home, which he does at the end.

She counts the days whilst singing in the snow and visiting grottos.




Heidi Anne Burford known as Heidi Anne is a professional singer-songwriter and performer.


One can describe Heidi’s voice as powerful and pure because most people compare her to notable artists: Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Toni Braxton.


Heidi has been alongside stars such as Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Rick Ross who featured on her release ‘When The Sun Comes Up’ in 2012.



She featured as a vocalist on tour with Rick Ross.


She toured the UK with The Bassheads and Mark Breeze on Clubland live tours.


She is now performing whilst working on her own album with producer George Stapel.














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CrossFire – Drifting Ashore

CrossFire – Drifting Ashore






CrossFire - Drifting Ashore

CrossFire – Drifting Ashore




CrossFire – Drifting Ashore



CrossFire takes fans on a curious adventure with the release of their solid collection entitled ‘Drifting Ashore’ which consists of the narrative song ‘Buffalo’ followed by a vivid video.


CrossFire will entice all with their bright folkish and storytelling style that is just overly exceptional and striking.


The video for ‘Buffalo’ is exact for the song and so interesting.


One will see and tune in to the amazing duo without getting bored.


CrossFire is an Anglo-French indie folk band based in Brussels, Belgium – Self-made artists since 2015 made up of  Etienne Prieuret and Allison Mareek.


CrossFire’s album “Drifting Ashore” refers to travel, exploration and to a universe where musical genres mingle and merge.


With sounds bearing committed content and lyrics, the band pictures a troubled world in which the minorities’ problems and segregation take a very important part.


The single “Buffalo”, telling the tragic Native American tale, “Hard As They Try” singing through the voices of slaves in the south of the United States, summing it up with the electric and haunted cover of Bob Dylan’s “Masters Of War”.


The song “Empty Minds & Prayers” was written following the terror attacks on Paris and the world in 2015.


Besides that, “Drifting Ashore” is the story of meeting, an introspection on love, with its disappointments and pains, an ode to life itself through the quest of an elusive ideal.


“Buffalo” tells the tale of the oppressed people – of the conquest of their territories, the assimilation of their culture and traditions – sometimes leading to their complete annihilation.


With several references to the Natives, the lyrics to “Buffalo” open in different readings to the cycles of humanity.


Since the dawn of times and up to this day, the history of these conquered and sometimes disappeared minorities repeats itself.


The music video’s director, Julien Rodrigues, and his team represented their story through a metaphor – Plunging us at the heart of the tragedy applied to this family, living united and in harmony with nature.


The CrossFire then places itself, both as a witness and storyteller, among the ruins and remains of their existence.


CrossFire is a sound.


The sound of two voices, air and earth together, Allison Mareek’s eerie… and Etienne Prieuret’s raw and rugged depths.


The sound of two guitars, the lace of a Martin and the roughness of a Gibson – The sound of two elements that blend into each other with an ease so great it makes them one, a warm and wrapping sound that transports the listener to the folk, rock and blues horizons of Americana.


Allison Mareek, English songwriter for many artists was sought by French TV channel TF1 to sing the ending song to their movie “L’Emprise”, and Etienne Prieuret, a professional guitarist since the age of 16 and freshly returned from a European tour with American bluesman Keith B. Brown, has joined her on stage for a first concert.


The music could have stopped at this concert, but the alchemy was impossible to ignore –  And so, CrossFire was born in 2015.


Each one finds his own place naturally, Allison writes the lyrics and Etienne the music, and the original songs start to appear.


Four of them make the eponym EP released in 2016, mixed and mastered by Michael Harrison (Snarky Puppy) and Arnaud Bascuñana (Wampas, Deportivo).


In parallel, the concerts have multiplied, in France and abroad (Toronto, New York, Tangier…), and the songs of their first album start to appear.


This album, financed by an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, was recorded in September 2017 with a dream team of musicians taking the duo’s musical universe one step further.














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