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I Am Nova – Gotta Be You

I Am Nova – Gotta Be You
I Am Nova – Gotta Be You
I Am Nova – Gotta Be You
Swedish band, I Am Nova release their new single “GOTTA BE YOU”… I Am Nova is an upcoming Swedish indie-rock/pop band, starring childhood friends Jonathan Larsson and Carl-Oscar Korenado.
Described by a journalist as “The liveliest live band in Sweden”, the duo made a name for themselves on the underground indie scene in the last few years with their energetic and bombastic feel.
Their new single “GOTTA BE YOU” is a mid-tempo pop/rock/ disco-funk song with a high-energy sing-along chorus that makes everyone wanna move their bodies.
“GOTTA BE YOU” is influenced by bands such as OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, DNCE, Maroon 5, and The Weeknd.
I Am Nova about “GOTTA BE YOU”:
We wrote “GOTTA BE YOU” about a friend of ours who always seemed to have a feeling of loneliness after midnight -especially on weekends. He felt a desperate need for romance and affection, but at the same time, he didn’t want to seem needy or desperate.
One night at a bar, he walked up to a girl and delivered the phrase: “I need a girl, and it’s gotta be you”.
It’s a very interesting sentence because “I need a girl” is very desperate, but when he adds “It’s gotta be you”, he thinks that he manages to not seem desperate anymore, but just really into this one girl.



“I Am Nova showcasing some brilliantly infectious and energetic pop songwriting that’s impossible to ignore.”
– Rebecca Cullen, Stereo stickman



“One of the most exciting bands Sweden has produced in years” – John Ballard, Heart Attack Music

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