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Andy Clark


Andy Clark – Welcome To The Party
Andy Clark – Welcome To The Party
Andy Clark – Welcome To The Party
The eclectic folk multi-instrumentalist Andy Clark (UK) released his first single “Welcome To The Party” on the 30th of November, along with shows in the UK and Germany.
Having released two records under the alias “Liam Blake”, Andy Clark is now returning to the stage under his own name, feeling like himself more than ever.
The single “Welcome to the Party” serves an existential fanfare through the beam of satirical commentary on modern society. The depth of the song is guiding his daughter through the roller coaster of what life can be. Welcome To The Party is played by the likes of Noel Coward, Queen, and The Beatles (The White Album) and is the first single to be released from Andy Clark’s album “I love Joyce Morris”.
The album is an ode to the apples of his eyes and shares the experiences of entering parenthood, while it is also referenced to the local apple orchard “Joyce Morris”.  Andy Clark has previously played shows in the US, toured in Germany and UK, where he opened for Bob Geldof and played Glastonbury Festival.

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