Thrillkiller – Passion Killer

Thrillkiller – Passion Killer






Thrillkiller – Passion Killer

Thrillkiller – Passion Killer





Thrillkiller – Passion Killer


With the launch of their debut EP, Time in January of 2016; followed by their totally fan funded debut release showdown in summer of 2016. In 2017 the band released their debut music video for their single THE KING OF 1984, followed by their second EP, SAN FRANCISCO MOTO and subsequent music video, which dropped in June of 2018. Performing on events such as MAGFEST, MAGSTOCK, Main Street Music festival, Thrillkiller has been seen on stages such as, Baltimore Soundstage, Merriweather Post Pavillion, and many others, the band has performed across the east coast keeping busy with an intense recording and touring schedule.



Baltimore, MD based rock band THRILLKILLER has released the official music video for their single “San Francisco Moto,” the title track of their June 2nd released EP.


San Francisco Moto takes the explosive influences of the band to the next level. From the synth-wave inspired track, the King of 1984 to the funk/metal fusion songs Wicked Rhythm and San Francisco Moto, this album includes songs recorded and engineered by Tony Corelli (Deep End Studios) and Derrin Ruschell (Stingray Studios). San Francisco Moto visually takes heavily from 80s cinema as explored upon in the two music videos supporting the release (“The King of 1984” and “San Francisco Moto”).


The music videos dive head first into 80s sci fi/action movie territory telling the story of Rex Razor, Delorean driving time cop, part cinematic experience, part music video, the visual and auditory experience that Thrillkiller delivers is truly unique.






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