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Vona B – My Way

Vona B + T. Carriér – My Way






Vona B + T. Carriér - My Way
Vona B + T. Carriér – My Way






Vona B + T. Carriér – My Way



De’Vona Denise Battle, professionally known as Vona B., is a 22-year-old Bay Area native whose passion and natural talent for singing was evident at a very young age.



Born in Oakland, CA, Vona B. is an R&B Artist, whose influences range from Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Beyonce and Kehlani. Vona B. self-released her debut EP “Down To Mars” in 2016.



She then released her first single “Running” and follow up single “Touch” in early 2017.



Vona B.’s latest release entitled “My Way” was released in late 2017.



A Lover of Life, Vona B., a self-proclaimed “Hippie” strives to make music that makes you move, challenges your thoughts, and lifts your spirit.





California continues to be a breeding ground for emerging R&B talent. The latest young artist to rise from the Bay Area is 22-year-old Vona B.



The singer-songwriter released her debut EP Down to Mars in November 2016 and has been building a viral following ever since.


Vona B. has released her buzz-worthy new single “My Way” that hits you with a banging baseline combined with a melodious hook, sure to make you move.



Laced with a vicious R&B flow, Vona sings out to a love interest letting him know that she’s not sure if she wants to move his direction, but his swag is like a fragrance where she sings “Oooo, Somethin’ bout your scent drives me insane!  Oooo, I wanna wear you every day!” and tells him “Boy you got a spell on me…..Swing My Way, My Way!”.









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