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Broadtube Music Network was established in 2014 by the prolific songwriter Kolade Olamide Ayodeji with the main goal of connecting people and promoting music across the globe.

Broadtube Music Network covers social networking, music blogging, digital distribution, music licensing, broadcasting, promotion…

Broadtube Music Network features various analytical interviews with gifted artists/musicians across the globe.

Broadtube Music Network is a platform to uncover newly come music, discover new artists and smoke out a timeless piece of music.

Broadtube Music Distribution is an approved digital distributor that delivers songs to digital stores worldwide. Music licensing is available to the artists distributing through us.

Broadtube Music Distribution delivers music videos to TV Stations and Video pools.

Broadtube Music Network promotes artists globally online by featuring their various musical works with rich content while maintaining a high search engine optimization.

Broadtube Music Network comprises a music blog, ten online TV channels, one weekly magazine book and ten Spotify Playlists for the promotion of artists across the globe. Our Spotify Promotion Packages are very effective.

Broadtube Social Networking

You can use Broadtube Social Network to invite and connect with your fans by creating a profile and inviting them as an artist or actor.

You can use Broadtube Social Network to invite and connect with your clients or customers by creating a profile and inviting them as a businessman or professional.

You can post updates on upcoming events.

You can message fans.

You can invite and chat with friends by creating a profile and inviting them to Broadtube Social Network.

Broadtube Social Network makes it easier for you to chat with friends across the globe.

Feel the freedom!

A powerful connecting tool for free.

Sign up and create a free profile on Broadtube Music. Invite your friends and family members to register. Send messages for free and connect with friends and family members.

Our social networking platform is designed for artists, singles, friends, and families.

Our chatbox is easy to use and there is an additional message box for composing messages. You can post your daily events on your wall.

Chatbox is opened to registered member only so you need to sign up and log in before the chatbox can pop up.




Broadtube Music Distribution

Worldwide Distribution of Music to Digital Stores & Delivery of Music Videos to TV Channels.

We will deliver timeless music to over 200 digital music stores plus music licensing.

We will deliver your stunning music videos to TV Channels and Video Streaming Outlets.

We have 2 blogs, 1 Mag Book, 10 Spotify Playlists and 10 Online TV Channels for Music Promotion.

We screen and approve the songs or music videos before we can accept to distribute or deliver so it is not about the money but creating a good reputation.

We promote your music by submitting to Radio Stations and Music Blogs.

Artist keeps 70 percent while Broadtube Music Distribution keeps the remaining 30 percent for Music Distribution and Licensing.

Contract with Broadtube Music Distribution and Licensing is non-exclusive.

We will deliver to the following stores:

24-7 Entertainment


AMI Entertainment



Alibaba Music Group








Google Music







NetEase Network




Simfy Africa

Sirius XM







iFeel Music




Ensure you have registered the songs with your PRO.

Ensure you have a PRO-assigned IPI (or CAE) number.

This will enable you to get recurring royalties from the licensing and use of your songs.

Sign the Nonexclusive Contract Form properly.

State the title of the selected three songs on the form.

Send us an artwork (4000 X 4000 pixels, JPG) – Texts must be bold and easy to read. Texts must display only the name of the artist and one of the selected songs. Avoid the use of an image that will overshadow the texts. If you have a problem designing artwork, you can visit our website and use our order form to order the artwork or inform your visual artist to redesign one and state the pixels and JPG.

Send us the WAV Files of the three songs (preferable) or Mp3.

Send us the lyrics to the three selected songs.

Send us the Metadata for the three songs or you can visit our website to order for ‘Tag My Song’ under Music Distribution or search online for companies tagging songs. We need accurate info like Description, Tempo, BPM, Genre, Moods, Styles, Cue Type, Featured Instruments, Sound-Alike, Vocals, and Sub Genres of each song.

Send us your biography (not fewer than 300 words).

Send us one artist’s photo/picture displaying the face 1000 X 1000 pixels.

These are the things we will need for the Music Distribution and Licensing.

Additional Requirement for Music Licensing:

Register your songs with a PRO.

You can only join one PRO so check the links below and go for one. Register as a songwriter or register for both songwriter and publisher. After the registration, you will be able to register your songs online with the PRO, you will be assigned CAE/IPI number and your songs will have a work number and ISWC number.

Join BMI


You must have an IPI Number assigned to you by your PRO.

Obtain an ISWC Number for your songs. ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) is a particular, permanent and universally accepted ISO reference number for the identification of musical works. Note that ISRC is not the same as ISWC. You can get an ISWC via ISWC International Agency


ISWCs are generally assigned to musical compositions by music publishers and PRO societies.

ASCAP is the official ISWC issuance agency, but even if you are not a member of ASCAP you can get an ISWC.

You need to provide the details of the musical work such as the Song Title, Composers, Authors, and Arrangers with their role and their CAE/IPI number (assigned by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to songwriters and music publishers in the U.S.) to get the ISWC.

BMI has a system also and you only need to check online to find out if BMI has registered your songs fully.

Below are tools to find your ISWC online. The tools are also good for identifying the copyright owners of musical works.





We will assign ISRC Number from our end.




Music Licensing

Do not submit to us a song that is exclusively licensed elsewhere or you intend to license exclusively somewhere. Exclusive contract means you grant the licensing company the rights to be the only one to license the song but in a non-exclusive contract; many licensing companies can license your song and it is not limited to one company. Do not submit to us a song that contains illegal pornographic. Do not submit a song that is participating in the YouTube Content ID. Do not submit a song that you do not own the 100 percent rights. Do not submit a cover version of a copyright song belonging to another artist. Submit only the original song that you own the 100 percent rights and you do not intend to grant the exclusive rights to a music licensing company. Our contract is nonexclusive.

Music Video Delivery Service

We will deliver to the following TV Stations and Video Outlets.

Channel O


Trace Music TV

CBBC – Got What It Takes


Skyline IFE

Revolt TV

Able TV

CBBC – Saturday Mash-Up

MOBO Awards

Soccer AM

Associated Press

CBBC Official Chart Show

MoodMaster (Jukebook)

Sound of Music

B4U Network

CSC (Chart Show TV)



BBC Arts

Download Links

Mustard TV

Stellify Media

BBC Breakfast

Global Eagle Entertainment


Strawberry Blond TV

BBC Music Awards

Global TV

Nice One Productions



Hot Sauce TV


Sub TV

BBC Radio 1


North One TV

Thames TV (X Factor/BGT)

BBC The One Show

Inflight Dublin


The Brits


intu Trafford Centre

Ocko TV (Czech Republic)

The Graham Norton Show

BBC Two Arts

ITN Productions

Perfect Octave

The National Lottery Live

BBC World Service

ITV – Saturday Morning w/ James Martin

PPL Video Store

TSG Media

Blue Peter


Princess TV

U Music TV

Bmusic (Latest TV)

ITV Loose Women

Promo Only

Video Pool

Box Television

ITV Lorraine

Red Bull TV

Vintage TV

BritAsia TV

ITV Royal Variety Performance

Remedy Productions


Britrox TV

ITV Saturday Night Takeaway



Broadpals Music Channel

ITV Scrambled!

SCS Technologies

Whats Up TV


ITV This Morning

Shoot Music

Xtendamix Europe

Cactus TV

Lemon and Money TV

Sky TV

California Music TV

IndiMusic TV



Make payment via our WorkSender Music Form.

Send the Download Link to the Video via email as we will contact you after payment.

Provide us with the Video ISRC Number and Audio ISRC Number.

(You can contact us if you do not have the Video ISRC). A music video must have a Video ISRC Number and Audio ISRC Number. The two codes are not the same. Artist must have two codes for their music videos (Video ISRC and Audio ISRC).

Include your biography or press release not fewer than 300 words.

Broadtube Music Channel App For Mobile Phones

Broadtube Music Channel is a fascinating app that allows users to watch music videos online, discover gifted artists on music blogs and listen to radio stations. An entertaining platform that broadcasts music videos online and features various artists.

Click here to download Broadtube Music App for iOS mobile phones: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch via PWA Store.

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